VIDEO: The Situation Taunts Bristol Palin With Condoms

Nov 16, 2010 · 1985 views

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How much does Bristol Palin get paid to pretend like she’s not going to have sex until marriage? It’s too much I’m sure. I can’t wait for the sex video.


  1. seawall says:

    I wonder if Bristol actually thinks she has any credibility now that she’s reclaimed her abstinence pledge. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has shot out wet and squalling and ruined your mother’s campaign.

  2. Koko says:

    Don’t hate, so just cause she was preggers once she has to keep making mistakes. If u shoot someone, u gonna keep killing? If u steal, u gotta be a thief forever, come one people…

    • True that, but I really don’t think abstinence doesn’t work too well in general.

      • seawall says:

        Yeah, going around promoting a lifestyle choice that clearly didn’t work out for you, and doesn’t work out for most people, for the sake of money and/or for some claim to virtue, just gets right up my nose. Teaching comprehensive sex ed is ideal, the data is out there and easy to find.

        I also find it funny, Koko, how YOU’re the one likening her untimely pregnancy to murder or theft! There are worse things a kid can do than have a baby before graduating high school that don’t amount to felonies and jail time! 😀

        All jests aside, I question her rationale for continuing to promote and practice abstinence uber alles, beyond the obvious paycheck. She’s an adult now, she could choose to be sexually active AND use protection—it’s her choice, of course, but I personally can’t imagine a drearier life than being celibate and a single mom.

  3. Rick Aiello says:

    What…? What was that????

    That, my dears, was two morons making sounds with their mouths that SOUNDED like words. I’m not quite sure what they were, though.


    • seawall says:

      Co-signed. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but all I needed to hear is that “Snooki” is apparently from my hometown, even attended the same high school, and still lives there. Glad I left as quick as I did, or I might have turned orange, too!

    • The Situation can taunt me with condoms anytime. AND I’ll put out unlike that ice-queen sex-hypocrite Bristol!

      • rcktman says:

        Oh I’ll admit, The Sitch is hot. But he KNOWS he’s hot, and that is always a huge turnoff for me. If he could just stand there and not speak, that’d be an extra bonus. 🙂

        Bristol… hate her. Sorry. I just do. Ugh.

  4. Melissa Young says:

    Situation is a butter-face. Everything about him is YUM-MUM-MEEEE, but, his face. Bristol, my darling girl, please break the shackles that your Mother has binding you and RUN! Run, Bitch, RUN! Free Bristol!

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