VIDEO: Family Project – Always My Son

Dec 19, 2010 · 1985 views

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Sorry if this has been posted before, but I just saw this very moving and positive video and thought I’d share. Things like this make my day.


  1. The story made me cry at several point. “this maybe awkward for me son, but i’ll deal with it. That was really touching. And made me really sad ’cause i know i would never be able to come out to my family like that. Growing up in a small town with the church and come to being accepted like that, it was exactly what i fantasize how it would be like for me

  2. The sad part is what it took for the dad to realize and accept his son

  3. Avatar Andy says:

    Wonderful story, particular as the parents described how it was for them and how they slowly accepted their son. At the end the parent’s love for their son was stronger than the ethical values which the parents were used to, taught by society, especially the church and hindered them to accept their gay son.

  4. that guy is cute too. He doesn’t seem that much younger than me

  5. Now you made me cry. Marcin, your posts have been really striking a chord with me lately. Thank you.

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