VIDEO: Cutie Patootie, Slowed Down

Jan 17, 2011 · 1985 views

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Kiddie pageant sweetheart Little Eden went on the View clone TV show “The Talk” to sing “Cutie Patootie” and the hosts weren’t having it. Somebody decided to slow the whole thing down, not to better […]


  1. Joeincinci says:

    Slowing it down almost makes her sound like Cher!

  2. She reminds me of DeAundra Peek

  3. mododavid says:

    This song is AWESOME with that voice. It’s like I’m listening to her future, 42 year old, jaded, jilted, over-weight voice coming from the body she had at the peak of her life. LOL I’m saving this to my ipod.

  4. Andy says:

    What a horrible performance….

  5. mododavid says:

    I am teeeeeellllin’ you. THIS is my favorite post on this blog. I think I’ve come here to watch it 20 times now. LOL I am DYING to know what is going through Sharon’s mind. LOL Also, I cannot help but laugh when she says the last word, “SnnnGuggle”!? WTF is that? LOL (*I’m sure she’s an adorable little girl to people who like kids, but I’m setting that aside. )

    ***New way to watch it: Close your eyes (I guess that wouldn’t really be watching it then.) and pretend you haven’t seen it before. Then, play it, and let your imagination describe for you the creature from which that voice is emanating. Maybe start trippin’, then watch it. LOL***

  6. Fugue says:

    sod the slow-down creeptasticness, the kid’s *face* is funky enough to keep the old REM train at a standstill.

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