VIDEO: Conservative Gay Man – “I really don’t like gay people that much”

Feb 12, 2011 · 1985 views

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I have to hand it to Ebone Bell, host of Outspoken, for interviewing party goers at the conservative GOProud’s party held during the Conservative Political Action Conference weekend in Washington, DC. I don’t think I […]


  1. So the stereotypically gay conserative man (who thinks Teddy Roosevelt served in 1913…or something) doesn’t like stereotypical gay men.

    Is this filed under comedy? Because it should be, I smell sitcom.

  2. Hissey? Really? *sigh* We could use another Teddy though… A strong-willed anit-corporation enviromentalist standing up for the common man… we haven’t seen that in the Whitehouse since… 1909, maybe 13, like ,who knows and stuff! =-P

  3. Avatar HRHJosh says:

    LOL…. “TR” (Or President Roosevelt to those of us who still have a modicum of respect for that particular office) Graduated Phi Beta Kappa (22nd out of a class of 177) from Harvard before going on to law school at Columbia.:) Strange how everyone that “loves” Palin “hates” facts. 🙂

  4. Avatar HRHJosh says:

    Also…. I’m just gonna throw this out there… You guys looking for hot interview possibilities? How about you find out who the hell this “i hate gay people” guy is, and interview him? “And a good ice breaker is “Why do you encourage stereotypical hate by stereotyping people?” My guess is his answer will be “um, like, gee, I don’t really know what your saying, but, um, like, I think, like OMG Sarah Palin”

    Really though… Why not get someone from GOProud to tell us what it is they think most of us are so wrong about. (Of course, live from Harvard)

  5. Avatar Austin says:

    Wow. I cannot believe some of these ignorant homosexuals. The fact that Mr. Hissey is so for SARAH PALIN running for president, a woman who openly dislikes homosexuals, shows the topsy-turvy thinking in “Gay Republicans”. Hearing a GAY MAN say “I don’t really like gay people that much” shows that his ignorance is still shining bright while his true self is still hiding in his mommy’s closet afraid to come out and say to the world “If you don’t like me for me, then fuck off”. Homosexuals don’t put on an “act”, Mr. Hissey, they behave in a way to more honestly portray themselves. Whereas on the contrary, some “gays” choose to put on a suit and tie and play Republican. If you ask me, these people claiming to be true homosexuals, and Republican, are the ones putting on the act. Conservatives are the largest obstacle holding this country back.

  6. Avatar mododavid says:

    I’d LIKE to say that I just really really feel sorry for him because he hates himself so much, BUT I think this turd is a real piece of shit! OMG! Isn’t this exactly what someone is saying when they claim to be “straight-acting”? What an utter waste of …everything. blech!

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