VIDEO: This is a Tribute to the Stars on Facebook

Mar 29, 2011 · 1985 views

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“Good thing for us there’s no cyber STDs.”


  1. Joe Fitrzyk says:

    Lurkers know every little detail about us. If it’s posted, they’ve seen it. We don’t know where they’ve been because they never comment or post, but they always know where we are. Always.

    This friend is a model trapped in a regular person’s face and body. A strip mall in Toledo feels like runways of Paris to them. They spend hours on Facebook, mostly looking at their own profile.

    Every photo this friend takes is transformed with a trippy, retro photo filter. We were almost fooled into thinking their life is more awesome than ours. Almost.

    This friend only cares about one thing: upping their friend count. Uncles, toll booth operators, they’ll take any friend they can get. We commend them for their shameless friending, even if most of their friends couldn’t pick them out of a line up.

  2. Joe Fitrzyk says:

    Some of My Best Friends.

  3. jay wonder says:

    OMG! i love this! you find all the gems, Joe!

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