VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Tears Snooki Apart

Apr 13, 2011 · 22472 views

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Anderson Cooper thinks he’s Michael from DListed.


  1. Stephen says:

    I love seeing my man get all worked up and angry like that 馃檪

  2. Joe Fitrzyk says:

    That was way harsh Anderson.

  3. Marc Felion says:

    He such a classicist. Sorry Anderson, we can’t all be born into America’s wealthiest families, some of us, like Snooki actually have to work to get where they want to be.

    • Angela says:

      Word. She’s spilled tons of blood, sweat and beers!

    • Matt says:

      People who do hard work for a living would object to you calling what Snooki does “actually having to work for a living”.

      Anderson Cooper has a twenty year career in news and worked his way up from the botttom. He’s had a lot of gritty and dangerous assignments along the way. He’s also required to sound intelligent and continually study up on facts and information. Even he, as well paid as he is now and as privileged as he began life, has done harder and more serious work for his money than Snooki.

      This isn’t an issue of class position and money either. Limited intellect and party lifestyle aren’t defining characteristics of low income people. There are lots of low income people who aren’t like Snooki, and Paris Hilton comes from a rich family and she’s a dim bulb party girl. And Anderson Cooper has been seriously snide about Paris Hilton in the past, whereas this was just a light hearted comedy monologue about Snooki and the people who pay more to hear her speak than the pay a pulitzer prize winning author.

  4. Andy says:

    I think it is more outrages how much soccer, baseball, football etc players get payed.

    That said, I partly agree with him. The problem is not Snooki but our society which gives uneducated and apparently stupid people like Snooki, Paris Hilton etc. the attention. Without the media attention they could not make so much money easily without a real education.

  5. Why are people inspired by a closeted but successful man like Anderson Cooper?

    I guess that any closeted person could argue the same thing: “I’m not closeted, I’m just leaving my ‘personal life’ out of my career.” We know Rachel Maddow is a lesbian, so it is possible (and difficult) to be open and be a successful TV journalist. I like Anderson Cooper, but I don’t see him as a shining example of how to be comfortable in your own skin as a gay man.

    To me he’s a great journalist, but also a bit of a snob who looks down on people. His editorial about Snookie was full of hypocrisy, since his own boyfriend in real life is an orange juiced up gorilla. Who doesn’t love orange juiced up gorillas!?

    Not all of us were born into the Vanderbilt family and have had the opportunity of wealth and privilege to pursue our careers like he has. As a shining example of a courageous gay man who’se clear and transparent about his sexual identity, he is not. But he feels very comfortable bashing other people for being too sexual, superficial or slutty.

    If people don’t like Snookie, don’t watch her. Don’t pay to see her. Nobody is being forced to support Snooki, we enjoy her because life sometimes can be rough, and it makes us forget our troubles to see a unapologetic woman like her slut it up and be trashy. It may not be right, but it makes us feel good.

    We right for Equality so we can have the luxury to be like Snooki, superficial and self-obsessed. I hope that we can all be better than that, and I hope that Anderson Cooper meant to say is why not be more than just a skanky woman? Why not celebrate the better things in life?

    • Matt says:

      He wasn’t even making the speech about Snooki herself, it was targeted at the people who are paying her so much money at the same time as people like school teachers are making small wages and fighting to hold onto their collective bargaining rights.

      Everyone jokes and bitches all the time about reality show stars getting loads of money and fame for doing essentially nothing. He was just doing the same thing most people do.

      He has a swarthy muscular boyfriend. However, nobody is paying that swarthy muscular boyfriend ten of thousands of dollars just to spend an evening partying in their club or hundreds of thousands an episode to party on TV. Until that happens and he fails to call the payers ridiculous he is being not a hypocrite about this.

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