Azerbaijan Wins Eurovision 2011 in Germany

May 15, 2011 · 27440 views

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The opening performance by Stefan Raab (popular German entertainer and song writer) and Lena who won the contest for Germany last year The Eurovision 2011,  the campy, trashy song contest in Europe which takes place […]


  1. Andy says:

    Winner Azerbaijan with 221 points – Running Scared by Ell/Nikki

  2. Andy says:

    2nd place Italy with 189 points – “Madness of love” by Raphael Gualazzi

  3. Andy says:

    3rd place Sweden with 185 points – “Popular” by Eric Saade – Really trashy but there always has to be one trashy song in the top 3 otherwise it would be Eurovision

  4. Andy says:

    Moldova with “So Lucky” by Zdob Si Zdub (also know now as epic hat guys) had the funniest performance

  5. mododavid says:

    Isn’t this how abba was discovered?

    • Andy says:

      Yes, Abba was discovered due to the Eurovision song contest (back then called “Grand Prix”). They won the contest with the song “Waterloo” for Sweden in 1974.

  6. Andy says:

    One last comment, If you want to watch the complete finale show, you can watch it online here:

  7. nuro says:

    Hey you, what about Israel? Is it a European country.Please answer my question, if you can of course.Azerbaijan is a Euroasian country.

    • Andy says:

      Israel also takes part at the Eurovision song contest but did not make it to the finale this year. It is not an European country but joined the contest in 1973.

      Azerbaijan is an Eurasian country and neighbour country of Turkey. Turkey is also an Eurasian country but as Turkey is economically and politically close to Europe it is more European than Asian. Turkey joined the contest in 1975 and Azerbaijan is a new contestant and had his début in 2008.

  8. nuro says:

    So what? What do you mean? If Azerbaijan is a new contestant it has no right to win?! Listen, I don’t understand you.There is no logic in your opinion.The victory of any country doesn’t depend on its joining year to the contest. It depends on the viewers taste of music. Azerbaijan gained a pure victory that’s all. It is hard for jealous people to accept that a newly-joined country won the contest thanks to its talent. Everybody is against Azerbaijan.Damn, what do you want from Azerbaijan?Does Azerbaijan cause any harm to you and all people of Europe who comment against Azerbaijan and its Eurovision song? I always thought Europe to be democratic and just. But now I think I’m gonna to change my mind.

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