VIDEO: My Chest Workout- Scott Herman

Aug 9, 2011 · 1985 views

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This chest routine will deliver a muscle burn of epic proportions! The burn sets will teach your chest to never be stubborn again when it comes to GROWTH! So if you are looking to add […]


  1. Royce says:

    Can someone explain why Scott Herman writes for this site? How many videos does he have to post about how straight he is and how many times does he have to get offended when someone points out how gay he seems before people start to realize that he’s an arrogant cocky homophobe? Do a little research folks, he makes homoerotic videos to make money and then walks around shouting all the time about how straight he is. It’s really pathetic that someone at FeastofFun thinks Scott is sooooo hot that they ignore what a douchebag closet case this dude is.

    • If you don’t like Scott, don’t read his blog posts. Easy enough.

    • Andy says:

      He is defintley not a homophobe, as far as I know he supports gay rights and is quite nice towards the LGBT community. And why shouldn’t a straight guy produce homoerotic videos to make more money? Maybe he learned one important lesson from Showgirls: You have to show people what they want to see.

    • lololololololololololololol

      You are so misinformed.. yeah I am a huge homophobe.. That’s why I started my company SHF with my very close friend Cliff whom is a gay man himself and married to is loving husband Tom.

      Royce, I have a great idea. How about YOU get off your high horse, and then produce this “evidence” you so clearly stated is out there in your comment

      PS: I am also pretty sure I was just attacked and called a faggot two weeks ago by some local boys who targeted me in an attack early on a Friday morning.

      Here, I’ll post the link for you here so you can read all about it after you give up trying to find all the nonesene videos of me talking about “how straight I am”.

      My parents brought me up to be an honest, thoughtful, and respectful man. Sorry you hold a grudge against someone you have never met and who has never wronged you because at the end of the day, I still wouldn’t hold one toward you.

      Hope you find the happiness you are looking for.

      • Royce says:

        Misinformed? Really? It’s not hard to produce the evidence that you make statement after statement after statement about how you’re “straight”. Hell, they even made a post on here called “Scott Herman Wants You To Know That He’s Not Gay”. See, that’s the point – Scott Herman does want EVERYONE to know that he’s not gay. Sure, he might consider himself an ally for gay rights, might be against bullying, might like gay people – but his feathers get obviously, constantly ruffled any time anyone suggests that he might be or says that he is gay. Even in response to someone’s comment on here about Scott doing something homoerotic, Scott got offended. In the video about Captain America not being gay, the text of the video says “There’s noting [sic] gay when this shield is about to smack you in the face”. Ummm excuse me? That’s juvenile pejorative usage of the word gay, which equates being gay with being weak. Scott Herman routinely uses this kind of language when talking about himself. I have done my research Scott and you not only declare your self-proclaimed heterosexuality every chance you get, but you get offended anytime someone calls you gay or suggests that you might be because of your mannerisms. You even once said that if someone was going to accuse you of being gay, they better have the balls to do it to your face. What that implies is you consider being called gay to be an insult to you PERSONALLY. Try and dress it up however you want but that is the epitome of homophobia – on a PERSONAL level, not a social level. A real ally wouldn’t care if someone called them gay, because they wouldn’t see that as an insult. A real ally wouldn’t spend sooooooo much time and energy making sure that people know they are self-identified as heterosexual. All the people who “support” Scott claim that anyone who is offended by Scott are offended because they are jealous of him. This might be the case in some instances but not all. Some of us are just sick of hearing about how Scott Herman wants everyone to know he’s not gay. There’s another great fitness guy out there who doesn’t garner the same kind of “hate” that Scott does: Steve Cook. Steve doesn’t make video after video about his sexuality, he never even comments about it, yet he’s able to offer the same kind of fitness expertise that Scott is able to offer. The reason why Scott’s sexuality is so controversial is because Scott has made it that way by injecting himself into the GLBTQ community in order to make money and then using every opportunity to remind everyone he can that he is heterosexual. The solution would be this: just shut up about your own sexual preferences and stop injecting the dialog into your fitness program – ignore the comments and questions since they don’t pertain the fitness anyway. If you’re not going to do that but you’re going to continue to wear your heterosexuality like it’s some kind of badge that no one should dare question then you simply can’t remain surprised when people say you’re just full of it or full of yourself because constantly differentiating yourself from the community you’re proclaiming to serve will offend many. Another comment stated it wonderfully: it would be like if you, as a white guy, worked in a predominantly black club, and constantly went around saying you only dated white people. It’s internalized homophobia and people are going to continue to call you out on it, like it or not.

      • BLARTY BLARTY BLART. Royce, your raynts look insane. Work on your body and the mind will follow. Stop being jealous. Why hate when you can celebrate? If Scott identifies as straight, gay or whatever, who cares? He’s a great fitness teacher and a great advocate. Go rant somewhere else.

        Steve Cook is more than welcome to post his videos here too. But haters get the f*ck out of here. Save that crap for YouTube. This is Feast of Fun, we don’t take kindly to haters.

      • Andy says:

        Scott Herman is a cool guy. If you want to support the LGBT community, better fight against real assholes who spread hate against the LGBT community and don’t want to give us the rights we deserve.

    • Royce- it’s called Feast of Fun. Not Feast of Bitterness. Everyone can post anything on the site if they like. If it’s good it gets featured. We want Feast of Fun to be a place where everyone is welcome. Well almost everyone, except haters who waste their time trying to call people like Scott a hypocrite.

      I’d like to think I’ve gotten to know Scott a little bit over the years, and he’s a hard working guy who sincerely wants to get people workout out and living the best life possible. And he looks great in a pair of underwear. He’s worked hard for his body and for his career, and he loves to teach people about fitness and knows instinctually that showing some skin gets their attention.

      So if he makes a video that makes you question his declared orientation, so what? Why do you even care one way or another?

      I wish every straight identified guy was as warm and giving as Scott is. And fellas, take this as a lesson. Scott’s embrace of LGBT people has gotten him gigs, and media attention, no doubt about it. He’s benefited from being a loving, open guy who loves the attention from everyone.

      I would just describe your anger as jealousy, but don’t worry, the great thing about Scott’s videos is his techniques really work!

      Don’t worry, we forgive you. Breathe. Love. Learn.

  2. If there are homoerotic video of Scott Herman, I would reeeeally want to see it.
    And from what I seen and heard from Scott, he is actually pretty cool guy, even though I have never met him face to face. If you don’t like to watch or care about his material, just don’t watch or ignore it. Don’t be hateful and say things that you have no proofs of.

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