VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Takes on Michele Bachmann’s Evasiveness Over Gay Issues

Aug 16, 2011 · 1985 views

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Why is Michele Bachmann being so evasive these days about LGBT issues when she clearly can rant on about them to her religious friends?


  1. Andy says:

    Maybe because her gay husband wants her to stop talking about LGBT issues.

  2. Such hypocrite, after Satan and Bondage and now she claimed that she don’t judge anybody. It is hard not to be angered by such bigotry and lies. How some Americans support her campaign is outside my ability of understanding. Is American that hateful a country?

  3. Rojieh says:

    I deplore Bachmann, but there is a certain delicious irony in Anderson Cooper taking her to task for “evasiveness” on the gay issue.

  4. Efraun says:

    My God how can some one like the”is running for the presidency …

  5. RcktMan says:

    What is she running for again?

  6. Rayden says:

    Mhhh you go gurl

  7. Curtis says:

    But to the more relevant point she is CURRENTLY signing pledges from NOM and from another conservative source that promise to oppose LGBT marriage Equality and more insidiously to investigate the activities of LGBT rights groups. These are actions she has taken against LGBT people during the presidential campaign and in the context of that campaign – see this link for reference

  8. rickperryis gay!! says:

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