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Obliques can be a very challenging part of the body to mold and sculpt. To make them really pop, you have to hit them hard and utilize some weighted exercises. This routine can be done […]


  1. dave says:

    Ha! Those shoes are horrible! I need to call Nike HQ and let them know. But before u judge, you GOTTA know that Air-Terra’s are my Racing shoes of choice — they feel awesome (especially for Trails / Road running). I’ve been running for years and always buy those drab grey AirTerra Nike shoes. to this day I don’t know why Nike tends to make their most comfy running shoes (IMHO) grey — grrr !! And UNTIL THIS VERY MOMENT I’ve NEVER seen pretty people wear these shoes.
    Come to think of it, I feel a little pep in my step just knowing that some stud out there in the world has the same pair I wear .. lol 🙂

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