VIDEO: Simone Battle’s “He Likes Boys”

Oct 26, 2011 · 1985 views

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Simone Battle, an X Factor alumni releases her new song “He Likes Boys.”


  1. Avatar Andy says:

    hmm, not my cup of tea. I find it quite boring.

  2. That was fun. It immediately made me think of a friend … a young, beautiful black woman who says every hot man she meets is gay. I told her I know just how she feels.

  3. Avatar mododavid says:

    “I like this boy, but he’s on the fence?” I realize that most of pop music is mindless rhyming, but when you are singing about a group of people as oppressed as lgbt’s are, you should seriously consider not making your mindless rhyming homophobic. I likes boys too, but I hate this fucking song.

  4. Avatar Jaymes says:

    That was cute, and not even as offensive as my friends were saying. I think Katy Perry’s debut song Your So Gay is worse. Okay from an artist’s perspective her voice isn’t that strong but then again neither is most artists on the airwaves today without the assistance of autotune and melodyne. Had she not been on X-Factor she prollie would of gotten signed. With a stylist, melodyne, and the assistance of those lovely jiggle riggers turned ghost writers she would be on Pop radio last week.

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