Sharon Needles Wants You Not to Be a Flesh Eating Zombie

Oct 15, 2012 · 1985 views

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Best choice for a spokesperson yet! PETA has picked Sharon Needles to be the face of their Halloween ad campaign asking all her fans not to be flesh eating zombies. “If gnawing on flesh turns […]


  1. Jake Ramsey says:

    Humans have been around for a long time.

    If vegetarian/veganism were a healthy diet for humans that allowed us to produce healthy offspring, I’m sure some culture would have discovered it.

    • Than says:

      Actually, the entire Asian continent and much of Africa, some 4 billion people eat an almost exclusively vegetarian diet (a pescetarian diet in coastal regions). In fact Japan, where they eat rice, vegetables, and fish almost exclusively, has the highest longevity of any nation on the planet by some margin. Correlation does not prove cause, and other factors like socioeconomic status, healthcare, the environment, and genetics play a critical role in longevity. That said, it is clear, many humans are vegetarian, produce healthy offspring, and have done so for all of recorded history.

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