Muffy Fishbasket – S’mores Cocktails and Chicken Kiev

Nov 4, 2019 · 2056 views

Chicken Kiev is one of those dishes that used to pop up on the menus at some of the finest restaurants in the world but eventually became a mass produced and turned into a convenience food served at school cafeterias or summer camp.

In the 1970s, it seemed like every TV sitcom housewife made Chicken Kiev for dinner to impress her husband’s boss. The dish eventually fell out of fashion, but even today, who can resist a breaded chicken fillet stuffed with herb garlic butter?
It makes its own sauce.

Joining us to make Chicken Kiev great again is Muffy Fishbasket– the crafty queen who started a fire on the debut season of Camp Wannakiki, the reality series where eight drag queens in the middle of the woods compete to become “Queen of Camp.”

Bonus: a yummy chocolate S’Mores cocktail that will be sure to warm you up with memories of hanging out around a campfire.

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