Cooking with Drag Queens: Peaches Christ – Baltimore Crab Cakes

Dec 16, 2019 · 2040 views

Marc Felion, Peaches Christ and Fausto Fernós. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Crab cakes! Many people who spent their summers near the sea have happy memories of catching crabs in their nets, pulling the meat out and packing it into delicious crab cakes.

The best crab cake recipes keep things simple, with few ingredients and lots of crustaceous goodness. Crab cakes are the kind of meals you make for very good friends.

Baltimore Crab Cakes with Peach Salsa, Red Pepper Aioli and Creamed Corn

Joining us today is one of our favorite drag queens in the whole world Peaches Christ, who is best known for her spectacular staged tributes to the campiest films of all time- from Showgirls, to Mommie Dearest, from Hocus Pocus to Grey Gardens.

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