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FOFA #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

FOFA #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

It was such a delight talking to Debbie Reynolds in August of 2009 we just had to share it again. Listen as we talk with Hollywood’s Golden age diva Debbie Reynolds on her career, love, dating gay men in Hollywood and whether or not she lives next door to her daughter Carrie Fisher.

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FOF #1101 – An Intimate Look at Michael Kearns

FOF #1101 – An Intimate Look at Michael Kearns

On World Aids Day we talk with groundbreaking actor and activist Michael Kearns.

Before coming out of the closet was seen as a career move in the entertainment industry, Michael Kearns was the first Hollywood actor on record to come out as a gay man in the mid-seventies. Today Michael is re-staging his one man show “Intimacies” featuring six characters on the AIDS crisis of the early 80s.

FOF #1090 – Baby Jane Revisioned

FOF #1090 – Baby Jane Revisioned

Today we’re talking to writer and director, Billy Clift about his debut film “Baby Jane?” – a loving parody of the classic and campy 1962 horror film.

We’re also joined by San Francisco drag queen Heklina who plays the nosy next door neighbor in the film.

In the news: Carrie Prejean’s mother sees her sex tape, female troubles, and a wife who is allergic to her husband’s love juice.

Sean Patrick Ward and Jes Bedwineck in Mae West's "Sex"

FOF #1086 – Mae West and Sex

Two the actors from a locval production of Mae West’s play, Sex Jes Bedwineck and her love interest in the play, Sex by Mae West, actor Sean Patrick Ward, In the news: Chicago Cubs lesbian connection, USS New York uilt for salaveged steel of the Twin Towers and gay rights up for a vote in Maine.

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FOF #1080 – Watch Out for Matt Riddlehoover

FOF #1080 – Watch Out for Matt Riddlehoover

Filmmaker and MySpace Matt Riddlehoover talks about his role in “Watch Out,” a dark film about an irresistible narcissist who could only make love to himself. The film’s campy narrative and graphic portrayals of self-love and violence has audiences divided.

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FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

Two of our latino friends, visual artist and gay dad Erik R Sosa and comedian, actor and performance artist Esteban Andres Cruz join us to take an intense and inebriated look at parenting, gay rights and how conservatives are targeting openly gay men appointed by the Obama administration.

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A deep look at Madonna

FOF #1058 – The Mind of Madonna

Singer Melissa Young joins us to take a look at the Madonna the entertainer, the woman and the iconoclast. A touching and colorful promise to a dead solider and hot celebrity news.

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Esteban Andres Cruz, Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion

FOF #1053 – Acting Lessons

Chicago comedian, musician and actor Esteban Andres Cruz talks about winning the prestigious Jeff Award and gives Marc and Fausot some acting lessons. Janet Jackson reveals in an interview that her brother Michael wore his mothers jacket when he first danced the moonwalk.

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Teacher, ringmaster Brad Thomas

FOF #1050 – Step Right Up

Brad Thomas, former ringmaster for the Ringling Brothers circus and Chicago public school teacher weighs in on Obama speaking to the nations kids and working for diversity and non-violence in schools.

Deven Green and Joel Bryant

FOF #1046 – Deven and Joel’s Excellent Adventure

Deven Green and Joel Bryant share their story of traveling to the Middle East to entertain the troops, being searched at the U.S. embassy and their romantic adventure in Venice.

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