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FOF #1247 - Nellie Oleson Saved My Life - 09.02.10

FOF #1247 – Nellie Oleson Saved My Life

Alison Arngrim is loved and feared by people all over the world for playing the mean little rich girl Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie. Alison credits the role with saving her sanity.

Today Alison joins us to talk about her funny and heart breaking memoir, “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” which recounts her time on Little House, growing up in a crazy Hollywood, and her work on behalf of HIV/AIDS charities and victims of sexual abuse.

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FOFA #1130 - Rena Riffel Loves Showgirls - 08.23.10

FOFA #1130 – Rena Riffel Loves Showgirls

Audiences were horrified when the movie Showgirls came out in 1995. Today it’s a cult classic and one of MGM’s top selling DVD’s of all time.

Rena Riffel, who plays the tragic stripper Penny Hope, joins us over the phone from California to dish the dirt on Showgirls and talk about her upcoming projects which includes a musical version of Showgirls!

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FOF #1228 - Hello Carol Channing - 08.02.10

FOF #1228 – Hello Carol Channing

For over five decades, Carol Channing has delighted audiences with her bubbly personality and unique voice to become one of the most beloved entertainers of all time.

Today we’re delighted to talk to Carol Channing about arts education, why everyone loves to imitate her, especially drag queens, the Carol Channing Ventriloquist doll, and which President had her on his enemies list.

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FOF #1226 - Mink Stole is Hard to Kill - 07.28.10

FOF #1226 – Mink Stole is Hard to Kill

It’s impossible to talk about the hilarious cult films of John Waters without mentioning one of his greatest actresses, Mink Stole, who appeared in all of his films.

Join us as we talk with Mink about all of here wonderful lines from the films, her friendship with Divine, John Waters and Peaches Christ and why she gets butchered to death in so many movies, including All About Evil.

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FOF #1219 – I Love Carole Cook - 07.15.10

FOF #1219 – I Love Carole Cook

Actress Carole Cook comedic skills impressed that Lucille Ball so much that she took her under her wing. It was the start of a lifelong friendship and working relationship between the two, with Carole appearing in many of Lucielle Ball’s TV shows including The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy.

Today we talk to the legendary Carole Cook about her work and friendships with many of comedy’s leading ladies and her behind the scenes appearances in such cult films as Sixteen Candles and TV dramas like Dynasty.

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FOF #1216 – Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, All About Evil - 07.08.10

FOF #1216 – Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, All About Evil

Everybody loves Cassandra Peterson’s alter-ego Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She’s taking a new turn in “All About Evil” by playing a mom.

Listen as we talk with Cassandra Peterson about working with directing drag queen Peaches Christ, the origins of her beloved character Elvira and her thoughts on the movie “Showgirls.”

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FOF #1193 – Deven Green Had Me at Hello - 05.18.10

FOF #1193 – Deven Green Had Me at Hello

With the success of her parody videos on 80s soap opera stars and her recent re-dubbing of Lionel Ritchie’s ridiculous video “Hello,” Deven Green practically owns the word “Hello” on the internet.

Today Deven Green and her hunky husband Joel Bryant join us today to give us a sneak peek at their upcoming projects which include a cooking reality TV show , a vampire/zombie web series and a song written on the ukulele just for us.

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FOF #1189 – Sweet Tea and Sympathy - 05.11.10

FOF #1189 – Sweet Tea and Sympathy

Writer and oral historian E Patrick Johnson spent two years traveling the South to interview almost a hundred men for his extraordinary book Sweet Tea: Black Gay Men of the South. He’s now briging these men’s stories to life with a theatrical adapation of the book.

Listen as we talk about the responsibility of performing these men’s powerful stories and on the unnerving use of slur words in books, films and theater.

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FOF #1186 – We've Got the Duke - 05.05.10

FOF #1186 – We’ve Got the Duke

Being born into a famous family is never easy, so it’s refreshing to hear that James Duke Mason, the son of 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s, and grandson of Hollywood actor James Mason is not only well adjusted, he’s fabulously gay.

Today Duke talks with us over the Internet from his home in the south of France about his film debut in “You Can’t Have it All” and his mom’s new autobiography “Lips Unsealed” where she admits it was cool in the 80s to kiss girls.

FOF #1183 – One Night in Heaven - 04.29.10

FOF #1183 – One Night in Heaven

Tired of just having a one night stand with Jesus and he doesn’t call you back? Well, maybe it’s because you’re not listening. There’s no escaping God’s massive love, so get ready for the Best Church of God, the only church God goes to, ever.

Today, the hilarious sister Lindsay Goldapp and brother Scott Levy help us to find the true meaning of the Bible and boost our self-esteem with the knowledge that, thankfully, not everybody will go to heaven.

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