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Gull GPS ’Backpacks’ Assess Barrow Wind Turbine Effects

Gull GPS ’Backpacks’ Assess Barrow Wind Turbine Effects

Gulls have been fitted with GPS “backpacks” as part of a project assessing the impact offshore windfarms have on birdlife. The scheme will track their movements around Walney Island at Barrow, Cumbria where hundreds of […]

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Kitty Powers - The Rocky Horror Trifle

Kitty Powers – The Rocky Horror Trifle

A lot of fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show may remember that during the Time Warp, the unconventional conventionalists danced next to a great big dessert table. Tonight we salute the Rocky Horror Picture show by doing a spooky mini trifle made with a matcha green tea and almond cake.

Joining us is British drag queen Kitty Powers who like Dr Frank N Furter is a sweet transvestite always looking for love, if not for herself, then for others with her video game Kitty Powers Matchmaker.

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FOF #2407 - The Ashes of Truman Capote - 10.20.16

FOF #2407 – The Ashes of Truman Capote

Our friend, comedian Cody Melcher, is so obsessed with Truman Capote, the late writer best known for his books Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood, that he bid at auction to procure Capote’s remains.

Today, Cody Melcher joins us to talk about his job as a ghost tour guide and how we wanted to develop a reality TV show where he’d scatter Truman Capote’s ashes at historical literary sites.

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By weightlifting as well as the muscle tissue out your entire body system uses up calorie consumption which will usually help you remove the fat stored in one’s body system. What most individuals do not […]

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Do a dozen repetitions of each execute out to develop synchronization, stamina and durability. Try to operate on different parts of the body system every day. You can do abdominal training exercises on Monday. You […]

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FOF #2406 - Suzy Wong’s House of Yum - 10.18.16

FOF #2406 – Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

Suzy Wong, the drag-queen alter ego of Arnold Myint, just got her own All-Stars crown, nabbing the top tiara from one of the world’s top drag pageants, Miss Gay America 2017.

A busy gal, Suzy Wong has long juggled many plates – drag queen, professional skater, and reality TV personality with appearances on “Top Chef,” the “Food Network Star Season 11” and “Chopped Junior” as a judge.

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It was just about right for each one. Females are too easy on themselves and men are too hard on themselves (usually an ego issue). As for ladies who press weights, too many worry the […]

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FOF #2405 - Anus-Thing is Possible - 10.17.16

FOF #2405 – Anus-Thing is Possible

Alaska Thunderfun won our hearts on season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race with her passionate speech about turning trash into treasure. Once we saw the line-up for All Stars Two, we know she was the queen to beat.

Choosing Alaska as the winner hasn’t been without any controver-she with some of the fans of her rivals have been calling for the guillotine before the crown has had a chance to rest on her head.

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For increasing the effect of carbohydrate meals you should consume them in the morning as soon as you awaken up because at that period cortisol stages in your whole individual body are elevated. Second best […]

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