Pole Dancing For Jesus

Apr 22, 2024 · 1985 views

Get off the cross and get up on that pole. Photo illustration: Fausto Fernós.

If you wondered where all the male strippers went from your local gay bars, they are now shaking their hips at church.

At the Christian fundamentalist Stronger Men’s Conference in Springfield, MO, controversy broke out when pastor Mark Driscoll called out pastor John Lindell for allowing a male circus acrobat to perform shirtless on a stripper pole feats of Christian strength.

The audience was divided over the pastor’s comments, with some booing the concerned pastor, while others saying he was out of line and should have discussed the matter with organizers privately.

Get off the cross and get up on that pole!

Today we take a look at all the hot news and trends that are working the pole for your attention.

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