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FOF #2494 – Eye Candy Elliott Returns to Sweeten it Up

One of our most popular guests last year was the barista from our local coffee shop who we discovered was wrestler Eye Candy Elliott. Since we first had him on, Eye Candy has become quite a sweet sensation in the Midwest grappling scene.

Today, Eye Candy Elliott joins us talk about his recent adventures in wrestling, why it’s more fun to be the bad guy, and why naughty wrestlers need love too.

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FOF #2327 – Bob v Kim, Who Will Win?

We are torn apart. In a delicious but twisted turn of fate, Kim Chi and Bob the Drag Queen, two of our favorite gals from Cooking with Drag Queens, are up to win and become America’s Next Drag Superstar on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

But ultimately, the real winner are the fans.

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FOF #2075 – For Better or For Worse

We did it! On Halloween, Marc and I tied the knot and got legally married in Illinois by the fabulous Deven Green. We wanted to keep it simple and fun, so to celebrate we went out for a romantic dinner and then caught a movie.

Today we reflect on our podcast wedding and celebration afterwards. Plus, all the hot news.

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FOF #1829 – Black and Blue and Funny All Over

Comedian Jamie Campbell got beaten up on the street after a late night gig, leaving one side of his face heavily bruised. Instead of taking time off to let the bruises heal, Jamie did stand up about his terrifying experience.

Today Jamie Campbell joins us to talk about doing historic musicals in Texas, driving a munitions truck in the army and taking his bruises and turning them into comedy gold.

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Asexual Artist Cooks and Serves Own Genitals at Public Banquet

An artist in Tokyo cooked and served his own surgically removed genitals to a group of paying customers while a crowd watched on. It all started with a simple tweet: ““Please retweet. I am offering […]

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VIDEO: Monkey Feeding Frenzy

How do you feed a bunch of mankeys all at once? Load up a cart full of potatoes and run like hell.

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VIDEO: Geisha Girls – Kick&Loud

Geisha girls perform their song “Kick&Loud”. Two messy drag queens dressed up like a Geisha combined with 1990s hip hop music. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Bicycle bell clears the crowd!

Even when it isn’t on a bike, people get out of the way for the sound of a bicycle bell. Of course this is in Japan…in America people would turn around and say ‘WTF are […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga on Japanese Show ”Tetsuko’s Room”

Lady appeared on the Japanese Tetsuko’s room. In the first part they talk about her career and outfits.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Inspired by Pandas

Lady Gaga does a panda look for Japanese TV. Here she explains her outfits and receives a gift from a designer of Hello Kitty.

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