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Fausto and Marc Fan Art

I’m not the type to be crazily enthusiastic about holidays, but I enjoy drawing stuff for it 馃檪 This year, I decided to draw Marc and Fausto for Valentine’s Day. Fausto was nice enough to […]

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VIDEO: Guys in their Underwear Wish Fausto a Happy Birthday

Brandon Toussant and his pals get into their underwear to wish Fausto Fern贸s a Happy Birthday with sexy results.

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Fausto’s Birthday Card from Deven Green and Joel Bryant

Here’s a digital birthday card from Deven and Joel portraying Fausto as a wheelchair enhanced scientist that solves crime with Deven as his karate chopping nurse. Joel and I are apparently scary orderlies.

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Jeremy’s Cake Video!

I wish I knew how to quit watching this fabulous video. The hot Texan cowboy in this video certainly knows how to handle a cake. Watch as he sploshes his way to a good time, […]

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Pedro’s Cake Video!

We think Pedro from California is awesome for making this video. We’re all screaming for joy here upon seeing our very first Feast of Fools cake sitting video. It has all the great elements of […]

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Feast of Fools 600 Episodes Photo Montage

Here’s a video, that a listener, Jim, put together to celebrate the 600th episode of the Feast of Fools Podcast. The song is Telegram by the Chamber Strings. Thank you Jim, we love it!

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