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FOF #2654 – Genetically Engineered Fun

When you’ve done a podcast for 14 seasons, a lot of listeners come and go, but some of them stick around for the long haul. When we meet them, it’s electrifying. It’s like running into an old friend.

Our guest today is genetic scientist Dr. Fabian Braun who grew up listening to Feast of Fun. Surprisingly he turned out all right: a handsome, kind, smart man and fabulously proud of being bisexual.

FOF #2492 – Getting Into Grindr

It’s the 8 year anniversary of Grindr, and the company behind the ubiquitous app where you get into arguments about how big someone’s dick really is, is now launching a new magazine INTO, a modern kind of LGBT media for the app generation.

Today INTO magazine’s new editor in chief Zach Stafford, who in the past has been one of the most vocal critics of the app joins us to talk about the company’s new launch into LGBT media. Will gay men enjoy consuming news & culture while they are looking for love in the digital age?

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FOF #2192 – Your Periscope is Terrible (But We Love You Anyways)

Did you know we’re on Periscope? It’s a great tool for this lonely generation who grew up in front of a screen. And, it’s an easy thing to really suck hard at. Lucky for you, we don’t.

Drag Queen Dixie Lynn Cartwright joins us to talk about our new tech obsession.

Xbox One Kinect Sensor is now so powerful that it can see your penis

Youtube user Prison Planet Live has discovered the new gaming system Xbox One can track your eye movement and show a guys penis underneath his pants. I need to get myself one of these. What’s […]

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VIDEO: Rollie Eggmaster: The Latest in Egg Technology

Eggs, Babs! Edie would have loved to get this as a wedding present when she married the Egg Man in Pink Flamingos. And with the handy tube-like shape, you could then put them through the […]

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Water Wigs Captured with High Speed Cameras

Looking fierce girls! In a recent series of photos called Water Wigs, L.A. photographer Tim Tadder captures photos of bald men with water balloons exploding on their heads. Love the ephemeral nature of this drag […]

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VIDEO: Robot Has Swagger

Check out this Robot walking to Staying Alive from Saturday Night Fever – he does it better than most of us!

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Wasup App Lists Gay Themed Events Near You

Discover gay themed events near you with this new iPhone app- Wsup Now | Gay Events – Wsup Co. Right now it’s free, so get it while you can. It’s mostly bar listings and only […]

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FOF #1543 – Hot Apps Gone Wild

At tech conferences like SXSW Interactive, there’s often a look of quiet desperation on the faces of bloggers and tech folks concerned about the future of the internet.

Today we’re taping a show from the heart of Texas in Austin, from the SXSW Interactive Conference abou exciting trends and a lot more.

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