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Ask Phi Phi O’Hara Anything!

Phi Phi O’Hara hails from Chicago and has won over viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race with her stunning beauty pageant girl good looks and her cutting commentary. Many expect her to be in the top […]

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VIDEO: Chinese Bride Discovers That Groom is Gay When Confronted by His Boyfriend

Chinese Bride discovers that her groom is gay when confronted by his boyfriend.

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Parents Decide Not Release Their Newborns Gender.

These parents decide to let their baby decide what gender roles it would like to take. only a hand full of people know what genitals the baby actually has. The grandparents aren’t even included in […]

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Shocker: Critics Say Obama Birth Certificate is Fake

This disturbs me on a number of levels. If you go to the official White House website:  you can download a copy of Obama’s birth certificate. Zoom in closely, and you’ll see that pixels […]

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Harry and William in Their Royal Knickers?

Not an official Royal Wedding Photo, but this image of the Harry and William getting dressed has been burning up the internet. Is it real? I hope so, otherwise my heart goes out to the […]

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a Bipolar Delight in this homage to Madonna’s “Truth or Dare.” See Lady Gaga swing from despair to mania, in flattering B&W, without messing up her mascara. Listen as she dabbles in […]

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For Sale on Ebay: My Anal Virginity

Jake Olson, a heterosexual male from Nebraska, is “taking one in the ass for Breast Cancer Research.” The winning bidder on eBay can take his anal virginity, “preferably bent over something stable like a counter […]

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The One Where David Arquette’s on Grindr

Courteney Cox thought David Arquette might be hooking up with gay men when she discovered he had downloaded Grindr on iTunes. After confronting Arquette, “C’mon buddy, I wouldn’t be mad,” Cox went on Jimmy Kimmel […]

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Taylor Lautner Can’t Stop Googling Himself

Taylor Lautner, in his magnificent prime, can’t stop Googling himself—at least onscreen. When he discovers his character in “Abduction” is on a missing kids website and that his kung-fu parents are not his own, people […]

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How to Get a Guy to Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him

Dating expert Rebeccah Rachel shares tips for getting the attention of that cute guy who’s thrusting his erection inside of you.

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