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FOF #2659 – Work the Runway Paulo Batista

At this past New York Fashion week in September, designer Marco Marco made history for celebrating the beauty of being trans by featuring 34 openly trans models in his new clothing line.

Today, bodybuilder and leatherman Paulo Batista joins us to talk about the groundbreaking experience of celebrating trans bodies at New York Fashion Week.

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Kellan Lutz’ package: Photoshop or real?

Is this real or photoshop?

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VIDEO: Darkness Comes Featuring David Wolfman Williams

Australian football hottie David Wolfman Williams gets into some kinky bondage and goes a little wild in the short film Darkness Comes.

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PHOTO: Black Woman Gives Ben Cohen the Finger

I love Chicago’s Weiner Circle, my home away from home, where everyone gets a extra large side of sass with their greasy hot dogs. Here superhunk, rugby star Ben Cohen who is straight for Equality […]

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VIDEO: The New Wave of Barbershops

Hair cutting is a fetish for some. As this video shows, it is coming back as a man cave place to hang, and at least two of the owners of the shops seem very much […]

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New Naked Tom Goss Video

No man is an island. Unless he’s Tom Goss. In a new music video for Goss’s song “Make Believe,” the DC-based singer-songwriter’s body is transformed into an island paradise on which an animated duo have […]

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VIDEO: Crazy Dude Rides the Ice

After a weird rant in German (I think), a man tries to break the ice, but the ice broke him.

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One-Handed Push Ups While Solving a Rubik’s Cube in 25sec

One-handed push ups while solving a Rubik’s Cube in 25 seconds.

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Sexy Hunks Dressing up as Their Favorite Comic Book Characters

Cosplay can be a lot of fun, especially when some wickedly hot guys get into the action. Check out these insanely hot guys dressing up as their favorite comic book characters.

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VIDEO: If Only All the Male Athletes Had to Wear This Outfit… I Would Watch More Sports

Sure it’s an underwear commerciall… but we can ignore that till the end. HOT.

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