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FOFA #387 – Set Your iPod on Fun

“Mom, I’m NOT going to the Star Trek 40th anniversary convention” the teenage son in the photo was probably thinking when his mother sewed up costumes for the whole family and took them to the suburbs of Chicago to parade around for strangers to take their picture.

On today’s show we’re talking to several die-hard star trek fans about their obsession with their favorite film and TV series, why they chose the costumes they wore, and why are they so into it all. [Originally posted on 09.13.06]

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FOF #1072 – Haunted House

Join us on a sound-seeing tour of Cursed Chicago, a haunted house that will scare the bejeebers out of you.

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FOF #672 – Journey into Steamworks

Release the Pressure! In Spanish, it means “¡Saca la presion!” That sexy slogan comes from Steamworks, one of the largest gay bathouse chains in the world. You’ve heard it on our show from time to […]

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FOF #659 – Going to the World of Chocolate

Amanda Steinstein has chocolate on her mind! We capture today our harried and hurried journey from our home in Andersonville to dowtown Chicago as we prepare ourselves for one of the most delicious and fabulous […]

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FOF #541 – Sex Zoo

Gay pride season goes into full swing this year as thousands of leather men and women, sexual fetishists and their fans gathered at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago to celebrate, meet and compete […]

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FOF #493 – 28 Stages of Grief

Sometimes, all you need is to soak in a hot bath to let all your pain, worries and problems melt away. On today’s show we return to our regular programming with a sound-seeing tour of […]

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FOF #297 – Backstage with Baby Teeth

Come take a little trip with me and my good pal the Rev. DJ (who is neither an ordained minister nor a professional disk jockey) as we leave the house for some fun and music […]

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FOF #295 – A Walk in the Park

On a lovely spring day like today, V-Marr begins the show by destroying the microphone with the power of her singing voice. You gotta understand, we’re all inspired into a frenzy by the Cher/Tina Turner/Kate […]

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FOF #290 – New York is So Pretty

Today we take a few steps back in time and give you a behind the scenes “view” of our fabulous, glamorous trip to New York City. I really should have posted this the day we […]

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FOF #288 – Fountain of Freaks

Thompson Square park in New York City has a special holy ground for hippies and for gays. It seems that BOTH the Hare Krishna religion and Wigstock can trace their origins to the exact same […]

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