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Keisuke, the New Hero With a Big Gun

Meet Keisuke, the hero of a new Manga series called Zetsurin. With his long barral revolver for a penis he fights the evil in the world. Be he relies on the help of his friend […]

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VIDEO: Art Attack – How to Draw a Wiener

In this episode, Neil teaches you how to draw, cut and paint a wiener.

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PHOTO: Hot Shirtless Navy Guys Climbing Monument

Each year the Annapolis Naval Academy freshman class, known as ‘Plebes,’ climb a monument covered in lard to retrieve the Plebian Sailor’s hat and replace it with an officer’s hat. The tradition is one step […]

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VIDEO: Sweden Wins Eurovision 2012 in Baku

Europhoria by Loreen – she won the Eurovision song contest 2012 for Sweden The Eurovision Song Contest, an annual singing contest as famous for its outrageous stage shows as for its vocal performances, headed into […]

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VIDEO: Azis – Hop (NSFW)

Azis, a Bulgarian Romani singer known for his atypical gender expression and his flamboyant persona, performs his song “Hop” . Here is the English tranlation of the lyrics. My dear, do you love me still? Babe, […]

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VIDEO: Madonna Meets Kazaky

In her latest music video Madonna dances together with Kazaky, the sexy Ukrain boy band in heels.

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VIDEO: Lego Space Shuttle Flies to Stratosphere

A LEGO tribute to the end of the space shuttle era by Raul Oaida from Romania. Proving that although retired, this machine can still fly, albeit in toy form. The launch took place from central […]

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VIDEO: Roman Lob – Standing Still – Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Roman Lob performing his song “Standing Still” This year the Eurovion Song Contest will take place in Azerbaidschan in May as a group from Azerbaidschan won last year when the contest took place in Germany. […]

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VIDEO: Shit Cher Says

In case you had not enough from all those shit peeople say videos, here is one of Cher.

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Video: Italian Gay Marriage Campaign

A campagn video by the Italian gay group Arcigay for gay marriage.

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