Video: Italian Gay Marriage Campaign

Feb 21, 2012 · 1985 views

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A campagn video by the Italian gay group Arcigay for gay marriage.


  1. Is it me or is this Italian marriage equality video infinitely more charming and inclusive (wait for it) and not as sappy as the Australian one that was everywhere?

    • Andy says:

      I find this video better as well, maybe not that emotional as the Australian one but definitely more charming and although it might be a bit long for a marriage equality campaign video I like the producers took their time to tell story.

      PS Thanks for fixing the image!

  2. Jamie says:

    I like them both!

    This one is more cinematic, more music video, cool and long form. The Australian one is a TV spot meant to fit into a standard time allotment for TV. From an advertising perspective, while we may love this one stylistically, I think the Australian one would appeal to a more mass-market taste. Both are great! I mean, look how far we have come!

  3. Federico says:

    Being Italian I should have posted it myself 🙂 Thanks Andy!

    I actually know quite a few people from the video. Unfortunately it was hardly shown at all in Italy.
    It was shared on Facebook and this newspaper tv channel was the only “real” media that covered the story.

    I still prefer the Australian one but it’s true: this one depicts a whole community, not just a couple.

  4. that was very sweet and touching.

    it’s sad to think that same-sex couples in Italy get no recognition by law, while many other countries in Europe have civil unions or full marriage rights for same-sex couples. Get with the program Italy!

    • Federico says:

      You’re right, we’re very behind schedule…
      The problem is that the gay associations fight each other and consequently are not strong enough to lobby our politicians. Also the Vatican is strong in our parliament…

      Only last week a member or parliament and former minister for “family issues” (AKA protect the catholic family and stomp all the other forms of partnership) said this during an interview:

      “Two girls kissing is simply disgusting. It’s like pissing, if you do it at home that’s fine, if you do it outdoors is vulgar”…

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