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Donatella Versace is a Dementor!

Lady Gaga is in Milan and the paparazzis went crazy when she met up with Donatella Versace in the fashion district. The problem is… Donatella Versace is a Dementor from Harry Potter, ready to suck […]

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Italian Glitter Day

Ciao everybody! Last night we celebrated Glitter Day with an Egyptian flavour! My husband and I are just back from a trip to Egypt and thought that a well endowed fertility god would give a […]

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A Cock…tail for Glitter Day!

I was talking to a friend of mine about Glitter Day and what we should do for the second celebration of this holiday. He suggested we should come up with a cocktail for this celebration. […]

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It’s Time – End Marriage Discrimination

Simple but moving video!

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Eartha Kitt – Love for Sale

I love the way the purrs at the hunks!!!

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Lady Gaga Live From Europride Rome 2011 – Songs

Lady Gaga sings her songs at Europride Rome 2011!!!

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Lady Gaga Live From Europride Rome 2011 – Speech

Updated with better audio- Lady Gaga’s speech from Europride Rome 2011!!! Try to listen to her voice under the (bloody) translator! Just one glitch: she thanked the mayor of Rome for inviting her… well… he’s […]

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Lady Gaga at the Europride in Rome!!!

Lady Gaga has confirmed her presence at the 2011 Europride in Rome! She will make a speech at the end of the parade and sing Born This Way live! The Europride is on 11th June […]

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Look who has just been added to this website! You look great!!!

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Cindy Lauper Show at the Buenos Aires Airport

The flight was delayed and she saved the day singing Girls Just Want To Have Fun a cappella!!!

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