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Sheldon Stephens-the One Who Accused Kevin Clash of Molesting Him

According to the Smoking Gun, this is the guy who accused, and later recanted Kevin Clash of molesting/having sex with him when he was a minor.  He’s a real col guy. He tried to rob […]

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Video Game Man on Man Loving

The first time I uploaded this it didn’t work properly, and there was no way to delete or edit the entry so I am re-uploading it properly this time. A little while ago Marc posted […]

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More Video Game Man on Man Loving

A little while ago Marc posted a video from the video game Mass Effect 3, a first person-shooter/role playing game that allows for same-sex romances for some of the characters. You have the choice of […]

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Deadmau5 Reaction to Lady Gaga’s New Album Cover

Just thought some folks would be interested to see another musician’s reaction to Lady Gaga’s new album cover that isn’t just a tweet or something.  This is deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, if you don’t know […]

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RuPaul Talks Gay Liberation, Self-Hatred

“In the latest addition to our RuPaul Interview Sessions, Ru and I discuss self-acceptance as it applies to gay liberation. This applies to Drag Race, as far as the way society views effeminate men and […]

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Cute Boys With Cats

Best idea for a website ever!!! cute men+cute kitties=WIN! not all the guys are super hunks..and I think some of them might be minors but its a fun site to browse through 🙂

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VIDEO: Liza Minnelli on Larry King Live

anybody watch this? even tho its heavily edited and some stuff could be taken out of context…this woman is nuts…but in a good way….I guess….

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Nazi Themed Gay Pulp Fiction

After today’s show I thought I’d share a piece of gay pulp fiction  focusing on the Third Reich where it was very taboo to be gay, obviously.  This is a pulp fiction novel that is […]

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Dancing With the Pornstars

ohh EIT ou are such a wonderful blog…I could help but post up one of their most recent entries…its very gay even tho it was aimed towards straight women..but really, its so ridiculous…and not so […]

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