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I can donate a little bit to the kickstarter this time, was there a set amount to pledge in order to get access to the Cynthia... » More

On FOF #2525 – Fry Harder

Boy I could listen to Amanda put Fausto in his place for hours. Fausto going on about Unions being the reason for the anti-abortion movement was... » More

On FOF #2454 – Umlauts Arë Nïpples för Vöwëls

I watched most of The Food Network Star that Arnold was in, and was rooting for them till the end! I think Arnold’s biggest issue was... » More

On FOF #2406 – Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

always great to have Amanda on the show. Also, lil tip/advice about the t-shirts in the FOF store, I would suggest having tank-top options for some of... » More

On FOF #2392 – Balloon Animal Circus

I don’t know if he’s had plastic surgery, but there is something unnaturally-unappealing about his face that i don’ find attractive whatsoever » More

On FOF #2358A – Will You Accept These Hoes?