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Japanese Developer Creates Robotic Butt That Expresses Emotions

Can robotic sex slaves be far behind? Tokyo-based interactive developer Nobuhiro Takahashi has created a robotic butt that represents emotions in the form of visual and tactile responses. Called ‘SHIRI’, the human-like robotic butt expresses […]

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It’s Time

I was so touched by this Australian marriage equality campaign that I just had to share.

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I’m Sure Healthy Living Has Its Rewards… But?

I LOVE Nigellea Lawson. In fact she’s the only woman I would switch teams for. Leave it to a bear to like a glamourous, voluptuous cook! She has been criticized over the years for her […]

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On FOF #1860 – Bears! Bears! Bears!

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On FOF #1803 – Gay Bears Stir Up the Honey Pot

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On FOF #1803 – Gay Bears Stir Up the Honey Pot

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On FOF #1683 – Hot to Cheat on Your Man and Get Away WIth It

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