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FOF #2579 - Secret Podcast: Meltdowns - 02.16.18

FOF #2579 – Secret Podcast: Meltdowns

You have unlocked a secret podcast of sparkly magic. Come closer as we travel to a wondrous secret podcast exclusive for Feast of Fun Plus+ subscribers where we take you behind the scenes.

Today on the Secret Podcast: Podcast meltdowns. When everything goes horribly wrong and folks walk off in anger and frustration.

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FOF #2578 - Billy Santoro's Cheesecake Factory - 02.15.18

FOF #2578 – Billy Santoro’s Cheesecake Factory

When Andy Warhol famously said, “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes,” we’re not sure he realized that for so many people, it would be because they didn’t have any clothes on.

Today Billy Santoro, one of the biggest stars of DIY films joins us to talk about the roller coaster ride film stars get from their fans, from heartfelt acts of kindness to horrifyingly cruel hate.

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FOF #2577 - Miz Cracker and Cheese - 02.14.18

FOF #2577 – Miz Cracker and Cheese

It’s been a huge year for drag queens and their fans, not just with RuPaul’s Drag Race’s move to a major cable channel, but also with the many web series and reality TV shows featuring drag artists.

So why are people saying drag is not the shiny happy party it promised to be? As Morgan McMichael says “why you mad girl?”

Today, one of New York’s hottest drag queens, Miz Cracker, joins us to talk about the way drag queens have taken over media and what that means for the goils who grew up pounding the pavement in heels to perform at the local queer watering holes.

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FOF #2576 - Jesus is a Helluva Drug - 02.13.18

FOF #2576 – Jesus is a Helluva Drug

Whenever religious fundamentalists speak in tongues or pass out because they are overcome with the holy spirit, we wonder are they for real? Is it just peer pressure from other religious folks that makes them get into it or is Jesus really one helluva drug?

Our guest today is musician Kyra Leigh— whose new album Transfigure captures her life growing up in an evangelical Christian family in the deep South.

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FOF #2575 -  Drag Race All-Stars 3: Sad Violins & Spilled Milk - 02.12.18

FOF #2575 – Drag Race All-Stars 3: Sad Violins & Spilled Milk

It’s not easy being sent home when your hopes are set on on snatching the crown- Thorgy Thor said “Ew, Jesus gross” while Milk cried over the spillage of being sent home.

Today “Mother Has Arrived” Vivacious joins us to take a look at how high the emotions run when drag queens sashay away before getting a chance to show everything they have.

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FOF #2574 - Secret Show - 02.06.18

FOF #2574 – Secret Show

A new podcast series exclusively for our die-hard listeners where we share all our secrets and spill all the tea.

Today: gay men saying history doesn’t matter, Quincy Jones drops a bombshell saying Marlon Brando had sex with Richard Pryor and who’s going to be on Cooking with Drag Queens?

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Dancing with Devil - What the Trek? #14

Dancing with Devil – What the Trek? #14

Sometimes a hug can be the difference between life and death – in the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery “The War Without, The War Within,” Burnham hugs the emperor back to Discovery before it schlepps back to the real universe.

What the Trek? Welcome to the podcast where we fabulously explore all the strange new episodes from the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.

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FOF #2573 - The Loneliness Epidemic - 02.06.18

FOF #2573 – The Loneliness Epidemic

Technology now allows us to connect with others more than ever, yet rates of loneliness have doubled in the since the 1980s. Today, over 40% of adults in the U.S. report feeling lonely, with some experts saying this may grow to become our #1 killer.

Today therapist and relationship expert Damon L Jacobs joins us to look at the loneliness epidemic we are facing and the ways it’s manifesting itself in hook up apps and how we think about ourselves.

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FOF #2572 - My Father’s Double Life - 02.05.18

FOF #2572 – My Father’s Double Life

Most people’s coming out story usually ends with their friends and families either embracing them or rejecting them due to their own prejudices.

For actor Tina Alexis Allen, she was forced out of the closet by her father when he came out to her as also being gay. But that wasn’t his only secret- she soon suspected him of working undercover as a secret agent for the Vatican.

Listen as Tina Alexis Allen talks about her incredible story and why she still doesn’t fully know everything about her father’s double life.

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FOFA #2477 - Bebe Zahara Benet Wants You to Get Fierce - 02.01.18

FOFA #2477 – Bebe Zahara Benet Wants You to Get Fierce

It’s been almost a decade since Bebe Zahara Benet, the drag queen from Cameroon became the first America’s Next Drag Superstar on RuPaul’s Drag Race. And now she’s on RuPaul’s Drag Race AllStars 3.

We chatted with her last April and thought you might like to listen to it if you missed it the first time. She’s infinitely delightful and playful.

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