The Legendary Gaye Adegbalola

Apr 22, 2024 · 1985 views

It’s Lesbian Visibility week, where we take a look at some of the most wonderful women who have shaped Feast of Fun over the course of 20 years. One of my all time favorite musicians is blues singer Gaye Adegbalola.

We first met Gaye back in 2005 at the Out Music Awards where she wowed the crowd with her audacious song “Big Ovaries” looking absolutely stunning wearing a white tuxedo with tails that complimented her silver shock of hair and dark skin.

Gaye is not your ordinary blues musician, like us she has a sharp sense of humor and passion for restorative justice. An evening with Gaye Adegbalola always proves to be filled with exciting music and a whole lot of fun.

Back in 2009 we had the pleasure of having Gaye in the home studio to perform several of her iconic songs, she was in Chicago for a concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music where she and her musical collaborators Ann Rabson and Andra Faye in Saffire performed together one last time.

Please enjoy this encore presentation of “The Legendary Gaye Adegbalola” as part of our celebration of Lesbian Visibility Week and the design I made that became the modern lesbian pride flag. Enjoy!

🎵 Gaye Adegbalola – Bitter Sweet Blues:
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