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Sorry about that- it’s fixed! » More

On FOF #2686 – A Lady Bunny Christmas

You got it! We’ll be covering more of Marc’s exotic travels in future “Ask Us Anything” episodes. » More

On FOF #2673 – Ask Us Anything

It takes 20 minutes in the shower! All my makeup is really easy to remove, so just like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz,... » More

On FOF #2642- A Madonna Style Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Brian sleeps in my bed now. » More

On FOF #2629 – Marc’s Great Norway Adventure

It’s definitely NOT Drag Race (which is a good thing), it is a very sweet show. I’m not saying it COULD be on the Hallmark channel,... » More

On FOF #2640 – A Sneaky Peeky at Camp Wannakiki