Nadya Ginsburg Takes on the Evolving Face of Madonna

Feb 20, 2023 · 1985 views

Madonna through the years, plus Pee Wee Herman and Nayda Ginsburg. All faces are beautiful if you stare at them long enough. Illustration: Fausto Fernós.

Nadya Ginsburg loves to imitate celebrities, and celebrities love to imitate her in return.

For years Nadya has been well known for her stage show and web series The Madonnalouges, where she portrays Madonna’s and other famous women existential crisis as they face the harsh light of fame.

Her work is so good, it inspired Madonna to try her hand at standup comedy and to make funny viral videos with her daughter Lourdes.

Yeah it really happened:

Recently Madonna got everyone’s attention at the Grammys when she showed up looking like she had a lot of work done on her face. Will Nadya go under the knife to continue her tête-à-tête with the plastic material girl?

Is it possible to create space for entertainers to be wonderfully weird and do what they want with their bodies without the harsh condemnation of the public?

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, best known for her uncanny impersonations of Cher, Winona Ryder and Madonna joins us to look at the evolution of Madonna’s face and how we have a hard time accepting our favorite entertainers when they unexpectedly go in a new direction in their work, or in their plastic surgery.

ATTENTION LA FOLKS: Be sure to catch Nadya Ginsburg’s Cher-a-oke, (karaoke hosted by Cher) this Tuesday February 21 at Casita Del Campo in Silver Lake, LA.


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