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FOF #2796 – Madonna’s Disco Bloodbath

Since the beginning of her career when she said she wanted to “rule the world,” Madonna has sought to be provocative- usually in sexy or ridiculous ways, like hanging herself on a cross during or pumping gas in the nude.

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, well known for her hilarious and insightful Madonnalogues performance and video series joins us to take a look at Madonna’s latest hi-jinks.

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FOF #2691 – New Madonna, Who Dis?

Madonna rang in the New Year with a surprise performance at the Stonewall Inn where a teary eyed audience sang along with Madonna as she performed an acoustic cover of “Like a Prayer.”

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, best known for her hilarious TV series “The Madonnalogues” joins us to take a look at the wild and ridiculous life of Madonna.

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FOF #2537 – An Open Letter to Madonna

For the past decade comedian Nadya Ginsburg and the pop star Madonna have been playing a little game of cat and mouse. Nadya makes a video spoofing the Material Girl and Madonna responds.

Today Nadya Ginsburg joins us to take a look at the upcoming season 2 of The Madonnalogues! Listen as we talk about appropriation, remixing and the wild way culture builds upon itself.

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FOF #2306 – Sick of Being Madonna

Today, we’re joined by the hilarious Nadya Ginsburg, who, like the real Madonna, is sick of being Madonna. Okay, maybe sick is a bit harsh, but Nadya thinks Madonna may be feeling a little creatively and personally limited by the expectations of her diehard fans, and so she’s feeling the need to clown around to get her groove back.

Listen as Nadya talks about how artists overcome their creative humps by looking at Madonna.

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FOF #2094 – Working for Joan Rivers

Comedian Nadya Ginsburg is quite the chameleon. She’s able to flawlessly transform herself into not just Madonna, but also Britney Spears, Winona Wider, Jennifer Lopez and Cher in her hilarious web series the Madonnalogues.

But did you know, Nadya worked for several years as a writer for the late comedy icon Joan Rivers? Listen as Nayda talks about what it was like to write for the queen of comedy.

FOF #1970 – We L.U.V. Madonna for Being Ridiculous

Probably no other pop star has been more parodied than Madonna, and nobody pulls off a more flawless job than Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1000 voices.

Today, Nadya joins us to take a look at Madonna’s hilariously ridiculous skincare product line, her surprise aerobics class in Toronto and her new upcoming Madonnalouge webseries.

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FOF #1871 – Will You Die for Madonna’s Art Revolution?

Ever since Madonna became a household name, the pop star has wanted to become embraced as a serious actor and filmmaker. But hilariously, her ego always becomes the star of the movie.

Today Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1,000 voices, talks about Madonna’s new film secretprojectrevolution where we get to see Madonna play her favorite bondage roles, while shooting her amazing back-up dancers in the head- a mercy killing.

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VIDEO: Madonna on a Date with Brahim

Someone give this woman her own comedy series. Nadya Ginsburg is back as Madonna, in this hilarious new video “Madonna and Brahim at Brunch.” Usually working with kids is a liability, in this case, it’s […]

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FOF #1625 – Madonna’s Most Ridiculous Moments

Madonna’s new video “Turn up the Radio” teaches us all an important life lesson: when the paparazzi get you down, go for a little drive and pick up any hot guy or homeless person that strikes your fancy. You’ll be feeling like a Lucky Star in no-time.

Today we taking a look at Madonna’s most ridiculous moments with the hilarious Nadya Ginsburg, best known for her uncanny impersonation of Madonna.

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FOF #1578 – Madonna is Tripping on MDNA

With her latest release, MDNA, Madonna revisits some of the themes and sounds that made her the queen of pop.

Today the very funny Nadya Ginsburg, well known for her one woman show the Madonnalouges, joins us to take a look at the mind of Madonna and her latest trippy album, MDNA.

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