FOF #2691 – New Madonna, Who Dis?

Jan 21, 2019 · 2124 views

Nadya Ginsburg has been playing Madonna for so long, the two have finally merged into a grand cosmic spectacle. Photos courtesy of Nadya Ginsburg.

Madonna rang in the New Year with a surprise performance at the Stonewall Inn, the iconic New York City bar where riots broke out that sparked the modern LGBT rights movement back in 1969. During the event, a teary eyed audience sang along with Madonna as she performed an acoustic cover of “Like a Prayer.”

Madonna thanked the audience for the privilege of performing in such a important place to LGBT history by saying she “walks in the shadow of giants.”

But we are all wondering- why is her own butt now casting its own shadow?

Maybe she just put on her fanny pack on first. -Source Instagram.

Madonna takes the 10 year challenge. Photo: Instagram.

Today comedian Nadya Ginsburg, best known for her hilarious TV series “The Madonnalogues” joins us to take a look at the wild and ridiculous life of Madonna, from hawking a phallic facial massage tool to “crowdfund” backup dancers to her unbelievable Instagram account where her ten year challenge photoshop tricks stop the aging process.

Trolling like a fox! Madonna uses a very suggestively shaped facial massager crowdfund her tour. Source: Instagram.

You can check out Nadya this Saturday at the Oasis bar in San Francisco performing her new stand up show “Anxious and Dangerous.”

If you don’t dress up in a lavish fake fur coat to go grocery shopping, you’re not doing it right. Photo courtesy of Nadya Ginsburg.

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