FOF #2692 – The Humanity of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Jan 22, 2019 · 2076 views

In the name of love. For people of mixed heritages like Matt and Fausto, we probably wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the efforts of leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. Fausto Fernós, Matt Brown and Marc Felion. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

Happy MLK Jr. Day! Today we celebrate the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. who continues to inspire generations with his “I Have a Dream” speech delivered at the 1963 March on Washington.

When reflecting on the life of such a sign of the civil rights pioneer, it’s important not mythologize them but remember their humanity and the power one person can have to change the world.

Joining us is comedian Matt Brown to reflect on the life and legacy of the great civil rights pioneer.

Listen as we take a look at some of the more unusual things people might not know about Martin Luther King Jr, from his love of playing pool to his advice column he wrote for Ebony magazine in the late 50s.

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t a very good advice columnist, but he was a hell of a good civil rights leader and pool player. Photo: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.


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