FOF #2537 – An Open Letter to Madonna

Oct 9, 2017 · 8207 views

Do you lose yourself if you spend a decade channeling Madonna? Nadya Ginsburg as herself and Madonna. Photos: Michael Rababy, Dustin Cunningham, Chris Coats.

For the past decade comedian Nadya Ginsburg and the pop star Madonna have been playing a little game of cat and mouse. Nadya makes a video spoofing the Material Girl and Madonna responds.

After Nadya portrayed Madonna as an awkward standup comedian in her video series The Madonnalogues, Madonna went on Jimmy Fallon to try her veiny hand as a comedian and boy was it maladroit- look it up.

Great crowd, great crowd.

Is Madonna messing with Nadya or is Nadya just really good at figuring out what Madonna’s next move is going to be?

Today Nadya Ginsburg joins us to take a look at the upcoming season 2 of The Madonnalogues!

Listen as we talk about appropriation, remixing and the wild way culture builds upon itself.


Dove soap wants to wash the melanin right out of you.

Pence walking out during the National Anthem was totally staged.

AOL Instant messenger is gone but the way it taught us to seek out sex will be with us forever.

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