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FOF #2537 - An Open Letter to Madonna - 10.09.17

FOF #2537 – An Open Letter to Madonna

For the past decade comedian Nadya Ginsburg and the pop star Madonna have been playing a little game of cat and mouse. Nadya makes a video spoofing the Material Girl and Madonna responds.

Today Nadya Ginsburg joins us to take a look at the upcoming season 2 of The Madonnalogues! Listen as we talk about appropriation, remixing and the wild way culture builds upon itself.

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FOF #2094 - Working for Joan Rivers - 12.16.14

FOF #2094 – Working for Joan Rivers

Comedian Nadya Ginsburg is quite the chameleon. She’s able to flawlessly transform herself into not just Madonna, but also Britney Spears, Winona Wider, Jennifer Lopez and Cher in her hilarious web series the Madonnalogues.

But did you know, Nadya worked for several years as a writer for the late comedy icon Joan Rivers? Listen as Nayda talks about what it was like to write for the queen of comedy.

FOF #1761 - The Rich Cultural Legacy of Madonna - 03.15.13

FOF #1761 – The Rich Cultural Legacy of Madonna

Madonna is a gift that keeps on giving. You could talk about her endlessly and it never gets old. From her awkward sex book photos, to her passion for Kabbalah, to her hatred of hydrangeas, examining Madonna’s many quirks has practically become a full time job for comedian Nadya Ginsburg.

Listen today as we chat with Nadya Ginsburg about her new web series Madonnalouges, where she hilariously examines everything about Madonna as Madonna.

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FOF #1401 - Inside Madonna's Aerobics Studio - 06.22.11

FOF #1401 – Inside Madonna’s Aerobics Studio

Rumors were spreading that Madonna was to make a guest appearance on Inside the Actors Studio opposite the deliciously serious James Lipton. Sadly, it was all just gossip.

Today we recreate the hilarity that could have been by having the world’s best Madonna impersonator, the woman of a 1000 voices, Nadya Ginsburg channel an in-depth interview between Lipton and Madonna.

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