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BONUS: Cameron Esposito vs Killer Lesbot Terminators From The Future

Did you know that the terminator movies are very popular with Lesbians?

On today’s show America’s Lesbian Sweetheart, Cameron Esposito,is here to explain why our lavender sisters are fascinated with killer sexy robots from the future.

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FOF #2572 – My Father’s Double Life

Most people’s coming out story usually ends with their friends and families either embracing them or rejecting them due to their own prejudices.

For actor Tina Alexis Allen, she was forced out of the closet by her father when he came out to her as also being gay. But that wasn’t his only secret- she soon suspected him of working undercover as a secret agent for the Vatican.

Listen as Tina Alexis Allen talks about her incredible story and why she still doesn’t fully know everything about her father’s double life.

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FOF #2415 – The Worst Dating Advice Ever

The Internet is a minefield when it comes to advice on dating. With so many bizarre articles created by content farms on tight deadlines, a lot of it sounds like advice someone wrote hastily on a bathroom wall.

Today, relationship advice columnist Anna Pulley joins us to tackle all the insane advice on dating on sites like Wiki How who are just looking to get link bait traffic. Anna also has a new book out- The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!).

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FOF #2363 – Fun Facts About Lesbians

A lot of people think the words they use to describe their sexuality have been around forever, but language is constantly evolving– each generation decides how they’ll “name it order to claim it.” Up until the 20th century, the catch-all term for hot girl on girl action was “tribadism” from the Greek word “tribein” meaning to rub.

Today, comedian Rachel McCartney joins us to take a look at some surprising facts about lesbians and sexuality, celebrity lesbian love triangles and shoes popular with the “lovers of the labe.”

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FOF #2035 – Trouble in Parkerdise

ince its inception in 1976, the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival has been a “Womyn’s Woodstock”- a special place where gals gather to enjoy their favorite music, free from a hostile world.

Today trans writer and music journalist Parker Marie Molloy joins us to take a look at the controversy over MichFest’s resistance to putting trans folks in their mission statement, despite the reality that trans artists and audiences have been attending the festival all along.

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FOF #1772 – How to Calm Down an Angry Lesbian

Everybody gets angry sometimes- and then there’s lesbians, who are angry all the time! Women! Am I right, fellas?

Seriously, anger is important for everyone. When we can channel our rage effectively, it can become a driving force that can not only change ourselves, but the world.

Today, the outrageously funny Sapna Kumar and Brian Sweeney join us to take a look at the cliche of the “angry lesbian.”

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FOF #1622 – Bon Voyage Cameron Esposito

One of our all time popular guests is comedian Cameron Esposito, whom we affectionately call “American’s Lesbian Sweetheart.”

Today Cameron Esposito joins us to look back on her appearances on this podcast before she heads off to live in LA. Listen to find out how her beautiful brand of personalized comedy has influenced many people here in town.

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Lesbian Skeletons Locked in Embrace for All Eternity

A pair of female skeletons, who buried holding hands around 1,5000 years ago, has been unearthed by workers renovating a palace in Modena, Italy. The women, who are probably nobles, are buried in a joint […]

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VIDEO: Cat Waits At Train Station Everyday for Owner

Graeme the cat goes to the train station everyday and waits for his owner, who, based on the rainbow collar Graeme sports, is probably a lesbian.

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FOF #1443 – Fighting Bullying Means Working for Better Schools

Today we’re talking comedian and openly gay public school teacher Meg O’Rourke. She’s working hard to start an anti-bullying program within the Chicago Public School system. At the same time she’s being bullied by one of her own co-workers. She feels their pain.

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