FOF #2363 – Fun Facts About Lesbians

Jul 26, 2016 · 1985 views

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A lot of people think the words they use to describe their sexuality have been around forever, but language is constantly evolving– each generation decides how they’ll “name it order to claim it.” Up until the 20th century, the catch-all term for hot girl on girl action was “tribadism” from the Greek word “tribein” meaning to rub.

Today, comedian Rachel McCartney joins us to take a look at some surprising facts about lesbians and sexuality, celebrity lesbian love triangles and shoes popular with the “lovers of the labe.”


  1. Here’s a photo of Andrew, the hot guy in Birkenstocks I met at a protest outside of George W Bush’s ranch home in Crawford, Texas. He had the most lovely tan lines on his feet, which sadly I never got to photograph.

  2. Nathan says:

    I wear Birkenstocks. I had to import them from Europe to get the exact style I wanted, but I wear them and love them. I cannot wear flip-flops. Besides the toe wedgie, they just fling off my feet with every step. I could never figure out how to walk in them and get them to stay on my feet. My Birkenstock sandals have the back strap, so they stay on.

    I get cronuts from the donut place two exits down from my apartment in Orange County. New York doesn’t have an exclusive on cronuts.

    What’s the tattoo? Too bad about the cigarette in his mouth; that’s a big turn-off. I’d still fuck him, though.

  3. colaboy29 says:

    Hey boys, I would buy at least 3 of the “Shavin” t-shirts if they were girl-themed! I have 3 female friends that that would make an awesome gift for them!

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