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Intermittent Caloric Restriction

This is a really interesting article on caloric restriction and longevity.  Intermittent caloric restriction sounds promising, though I’m not sure I have the discipline for it.

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Exploding Santorum

One more reason to eat vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian? Exploding pig shit.

”I Support Latinos by Eating Tacos”

East Haven, Connecticut Mayor Joseph Maturo said “I might have tacos when I go home tonight” when asked what he would be doing for the Latino community.  Check out the video, also; it has to […]

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Santorum’s CUM

Rick Santorum (that’s right; that Santorum of santorum fame) has launched a new fundraising campaign, sometimes known as moneybomb.  What did he name his moneybomb?  CUM.  That’s right.  Conservatives Unite Moneybomb or CUM for short. […]

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Did Justin Bieber Give a Robot a Handy J at CES?

I would never say that Justin Bieber is gay, a cyberpunk, and an android fetishist, but this photo just looks all kinds of inappropriate.

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Ian Cooke

I discovered this artist while visiting Denver. He is a bit unpolished in concert, but his studio recordings are really worth a listen. He blends his vocals with his cello so beautifully. His original cello […]

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VIDEO: Touching Things is Fun

This is the most delightfully inappropriate song. (NSFW)

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Happy Halloween!

My glam jack o’ lantern Halloween centerpiece is finished.

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The Mitochondrial Theory of Aging

This article is a bit heady, but well worth the read for anyone interested in radical life extension.

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Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are the key to ubiquitous solar energy, and nanotechnology will change our world in profound and unpredictable ways.

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