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Here Comes Showbears!

A Showgirls take-off for the bear lovers!

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Christmas Baking

Not sure if they are selling something or just wanted to tease us with a hot body for Christmas!

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VIDEO: Buffallo Bills Says “It Gets Better”

Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs lets us know “It Gets Better.”

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VIDEO: Children’s Show Goes Wild

I remember watching the New Zoo Review. I found this outtake on YouTube.

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VIDEO: Dancing Squid Bowl

How fresh do you like your seafood?

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Disgruntled Former Employee Fires Back at Whole Foods

For a store that puts forth a “wholesome and green” image, what appears to go on from this employee’s view is quite interesting.

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Randall is Back!

This time it’s the Marines.

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Funky Phone Ad

The music and moves are pretty cool.

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The Newest Simulator Ride – Being Buried Alive!

Me being claustrophobic would rule this “ride” out, but I bet there are a lot of folks who would like to experience being buried alive.

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VIDEO: Dildorado is ”Lovin’ It”!

Very funny and very naughty! We all knew Ronald had a dirty little secret.

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