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VIDEO: Judy Tenuta Takes on Lady GaGa

The Giver-Goddess takes her turn at a Lady GaGa parody.

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The Easter Bunny is Getting Ready

Where do I find a bunny like this?

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Doctor Who Gets Married

It looks like The Doctor will have a wife on the new season. The story in question has been written by Gaiman (Neverwhere) and will be called The Doctor’s Wife. Suranne Jones (Coronation Street) will […]

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VIEO: TRON Reused?

For those of you who have seen TRON Legacy, take a close look at the “Bank” exterior. Looks almost exactly like the exterior of Flynn’s Arcade in TRON Legacy. YouTube Oh, and the superhero is […]

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The Return of Evie, Coco, and Varla?

The Girls Will Be Girls blog has been silent for a long time…and then this morning I found this in my RSS reader. Are all three superstars returning for another movie? I hope so!

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hen you talked about doing a production of Rocky Horror where the characters are interacting with the audience as they arrive reminds me that the last... » More

On FOF #2993 – Keep it Gay! Becoming the Producer’s Gay Hitler

Oh, and Merry Impeachment and Happy Holidays! » More

On FOF #2815 – Christmas Apocalypse

Aside from when Brian getting all gloom & doom and depressing after Shannon left, it was a great show. » More

On FOF #2815 – Christmas Apocalypse

JHC! Could Matt be any more bitter and shallow for attacking Pete and AOC for how ugly their partners look? » More

On FOF #2737 – Azealia Banks Says F*ck Your Drag

Hi boys, thanks for keeping me up to date on Drag Race. I cut the cord a few years ago so don’t have a way to... » More

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