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Lesbian Skeletons Locked in Embrace for All Eternity

A pair of female skeletons, who buried holding hands around 1,5000 years ago, has been unearthed by workers renovating a palace in Modena, Italy. The women, who are probably nobles, are buried in a joint […]

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VIDEO: Cat Waits At Train Station Everyday for Owner

Graeme the cat goes to the train station everyday and waits for his owner, who, based on the rainbow collar Graeme sports, is probably a lesbian.

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FOF #1443 – Fighting Bullying Means Working for Better Schools

Today we’re talking comedian and openly gay public school teacher Meg O’Rourke. She’s working hard to start an anti-bullying program within the Chicago Public School system. At the same time she’s being bullied by one of her own co-workers. She feels their pain.

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VIDEO: Chicago Cubs – It Gets Better

The Cubs have made an “It Gets Better” video with all the charm of a wet sock dragged through kitty litter. Does a down and out kid really want to hear from a millionare lesbian […]

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Gossip – ”Four Letter Word” (Live at the Grand Journal in Cannes, France 2010)

Here is a video of the group “Gossip” performing “Four Letter Word” Live at the Grand Journal in Cannes, France in 2010. Enjoy. Great voice live!!!  The two ladies are lesbians and are pro-gay.

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The ”Gossip” Band – ”Pop Goes the World”

Earlier today I came across the indie rock group “Gossip” which was formed in the late 90’s in Arkansas. They are now based in Portland, Oregon. Gossip is made up of singer Beth Ditto, drummer […]

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VIDEO: Oprah’s Lesbian Rumors!!!

Watch Oprah scream “lesbian rumors” in her trademark voice just as she’s about to get in what appears to be the same bed in the same camper with her gal pal Gayle King.

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VIDEO: Glee’s Jane Lynch to Ellen: “Thanks”

Ellen DeGeneres and Jane Lynch! Watch two of the most celebrated (and funny) lesbians on television, hanging out reflecting about coming out as entertainers in Hollywood. Always classy, bold and fabulous Jane Lynch tells ellen: […]

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Cougar Lesbians Go To College

From The Second City, the folks behind Sassy Gay Friend, comes the Cougar Lesbians. “I wish when I was 19, a 42 year old woman had approached me.”

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Russian Gays’ Courage Contrasts With the Shame of Western Embassies

MOSCOW, Russia, May 28th, eve of Gay Pride – This afternoon in their final court date before Moscow Pride, gays and lesbians here predictably were rejected once again by the authorities. The Tverskoi District Court […]

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