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FOF #2785 – The Bodybuilding Soul Singer Mekole Wells

One of our more memorable podcast guests is singer Mekole Wells, who was stabbed in the throat ten times by her neighbor and left for dead.

Today singer, PhD candidate, personal trainer and bodybuilder Mekole Well joins us to chat about her new journey as a bodybuilder and why it’s so hard for some people to take the first steps to transform their body, mind and life.

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FOF #2555 – Exploring a Cosmic Sexual Connection

We may be more connected than ever in this digital age, but folks are still searching for deeper connections beyond the casual hook up.

For people like sex educator Barbara Carrellas, this presents an exciting new opportunity to look to the ancient art of Tantra once again and re-release her iconic book – Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century.

FOF #2513 – Pumping Iron & Silicone

One of the most memorable people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show is bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce, who, after transitioning, went from competing in men’s bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding.

Today, Chris Tina Bruce joins us int home studio to talk about bodybuilding, her appearance on the National Geographic TV show Taboo and the most overlooked/overrated muscle building trends.

FOF #1772 – How to Calm Down an Angry Lesbian

Everybody gets angry sometimes- and then there’s lesbians, who are angry all the time! Women! Am I right, fellas?

Seriously, anger is important for everyone. When we can channel our rage effectively, it can become a driving force that can not only change ourselves, but the world.

Today, the outrageously funny Sapna Kumar and Brian Sweeney join us to take a look at the cliche of the “angry lesbian.”

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FOF #1688 – It Wasn’t So Obvious At First

Like looking for your lost keys, getting in shape isn’t always so obvious, but at least you know your body is always at the last place you saw it.

Today’s show is all about those essential things we’ve learned over the years about working out that weren’t so obvious at first.

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FOF #1683 – Hot to Cheat on Your Man and Get Away WIth It

Whether you suspect your partner is cheating, or you’re trying to not get caught picking somebody elses pumpkin, chances are, someday, the chickens will come home to roost.

Today the hilarious Manny Capozzi joins us to take a look at the common practice of cheating, why so many people do it and how to save your relationship if you or your loved one finds yourself looking for a little action.

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FOF #1679 – The Secret of My Success

Movies and reality TV shows trick us into thinking that if we work hard enough, our dreams will come true. We can do anything if we just have the perfect training montage to push that boulder up the hill.

Our friend Brian Sweeney just lost his lucrative job working the layaway counter at a retail discount store, but that’s not going to stop him from getting what he wants out of life.

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FOF #1677 – The Truth About Lying

The whole world is lying to you. Politicians, churches, family, friends and even your lover lies to you on a daily basis. Babies lie as early as six months. Your cell phone charger, GPS, and signal all aren’t on the level. And on top of that in order to survive you have to believe the lies.

Comedian Bill Cruz joins us to examine why its so important for comedians to lie effectively and how you can be a better person by not lying, but by also not telling the truth.

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FOF #1674 – He Took Me to Paradise But All I Got Was Food Poisoning

Where do people go out to get their romance on, and what your chances are of getting some sexy action? Is it going to be hot and heavy, or is he just kicking the tires to see how fast you can go?

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FOF #1672 – Attack of the 50 Foot Teddy Bear

We all have crazy ideas when it comes to love that are simply not true. Those insane schemes you see in a romantic comedies are more likely to land you in jail than in the heart of someone you love.

The honey bear of love Zach Lamm joins us to take a look at the most common romantic lies people believe, who to blame and what you can do about it to be closer to the ones you care about.

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