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Pole Dancing For Jesus

If you wondered where all the male strippers went from your local gay bars, they are now shaking their hips at church.

At the Christian fundamentalist Stronger Men’s Conference in Springfield, MO, controversy broke out when pastor Mark Driscoll called out pastor John Lindell for allowing a male circus acrobat to perform shirtless on a stripper pole feats of Christian strength.

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The Collapse of Social Media – Dan Cass

With Facebook laying off almost 12,000 employees and Twitter canning half its workforce, it looks like death bells are tolling for two of the biggest social media players.

Will folks be willing to trust new social media networks like they’ve done before?

Today comedian Dan Cass, who studied experimental theater and dance in Russia joins us to look at the impending collapse of two major social media platforms and what is going to fill the void they leave behind?

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FOF #2899 – 10 Years of Wild, Unadulterated Fun

Break out the party hats and put on your mask for masks- this November marks the 10 year anniversary of PrEP, the revolutionary HIV prevention method that reduces the risk of contracting HIV even if you’re exposed to the virus.

Just like birth control, the daily pill that effectively stops all new HIV transmissions has been met by the public with a lot of controversy.

But the big question is “how do we get more people on PrEP?”

Today therapist and relationship expert Damon L Jacobs joins us to take a look at a decade of PrEP and how the sexual liberation that came from it is now impacted by the COVID pandemic

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FOF #2762 – Fearlessly Be Yourself, Or Not

There will be only one of you for all time, so fearlessly be yourself. Unless you’re a cruel, mean, selfish person, then we’d prefer you’d try being somebody new.

Today comedian Rachel Hall joins us to talk about self love and how so many horrors of the modern age can be traced to the unquenchable thirst for social media stardom.

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FOF #2259 – Professor Drag Queen

Today we’re joined by academic drag queen Summer Clearance, who under the name Domenick Scudera is a professor of theater at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Domenick teaches a course on the History of Drag Performance, from Shakespeare to RuPaul, where he gets his students excited about the artform of drag as it “brings into focus issues of identity, authority, agency, gender variance, and masculine/feminine constructs.”

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FOF #2256 – Patti’s Pies

Soul singer James Wright Chanel’s enthusiastic endorsement video is making Patti Labelle’s pies into this year’s Thanksgiving must have item.

But some folks think Miss Labelle hit a sour note for saying she made the pies successful “on my own” and she needs to get a “new attitude” and pay James Wright Chanel more than just a phone call.

Today we’re taking a close look at #blackpiesmatter

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FOF #2244 – My Name is Sister Roma

Today we’re joined by Sister Roma, one of the drag queens who spearheaded the protests against Facebook’s “real name” policy that they recently conceded wasn’t fair to people at risk.

Listen as we talk about how the talks with Facebook went down, why celebrities get away with having fake names on Facebook and do we have a right to privacy on social media websites?

FOF #2234 – Amazing Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

Halloween is a special time of the year when the the veil between the living and the dead and the scantily clad is lifted, where both attention whores and regular old fashioned whores get their freak on.

Today we’re taking a look at what’s popular in Halloween costume ideas this year, the good, the bad, and the she-larious. Wild looks that will make you turn heads and get some action.

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FOF #2218 – Matteo Lane Gets a Merit Badge in Comedy

We’re thrilled to see our friend comedian Matteo Lane all over the TV set, from his appearances on Comedy Central and MTV, Matteo is making a big splash on the little screen.

Today, Matteo joins us to talk about Kim Davis, the Republican Presidential debates and Ahmed the little clock builder from Texas.

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FOF #2158 – Dad Bod

Forget about working on your summer beach bod fellas, the Dad Bod is the new look. After a college student’s blog essay “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod” exploded, everyone’s now raving over the dad bod as the hot new trend.

Today we take a look at dad bods, daddy sharks and gay bears— why there’s nothing wrong with being a little thick and juicy and aged to perfection.

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