FOF #2218 – Matteo Lane Gets a Merit Badge in Comedy

Sep 17, 2015 · 1985 views

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We’re thrilled to see our friend comedian Matteo Lane all over the TV set, from his appearances on Comedy Central and MTV, Matteo is making a big splash on the little screen.

Today, Matteo joins us to talk about Kim Davis, the Republican Presidential debates and Ahmed the little clock builder from Texas.


  1. Chickengirl says:

    Matteo was hilarious as always. I have to say though, I think he is much funnier on the podcast compared to that Boy Scots bit he did on Larry Wilmore’s show. I dunno, when I watched it, it felt like Matteo was a bit restrained. I guess they still gotta keep the show PG-13-ish. I’ve only ever listened to him on this podcast too. I almost tripped on the elliptical I was using at the gym when he started shouting out of jokes about Kim Davis because it was so damn funny. I think comedians like him can get away with doing over the top offensive comedy that may offend today’s easily offended and PC internet culture. It’s good to hear Matteo won’t let those people dictate the type of comedy he wants to do. He should probably never perform at any colleges though…

  2. Funny show! And hllarious Comedy Central boy scout video!!!!

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