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FOF #2182 – In the Kitchen with Lola Von Miramar

Today, Lola Von Miramar, the only drag queen in our series with a Ph.D. (and that’s not just piled high and deep) joins us to talk about the delicious things that didn’t make it into her Cooking with Drag Queens episode.

Throughout his life, Larry has been told he would make a wonderful drag queen but he resisted the call of the wild because of the stigma associated with cross dressing but in summer 2010 he relented and dove right in.

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VIDEO: My Boyfriend is a Zombie!

The most delightful French queer electronic dance music performer Pierre Pascual sings this Spanish classic by Alaska and Dinarama. His boyfriend is a zombie! He only has three teeth and translucent skin! He’s come back […]

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Gay Bar Mourns Elizabeth Taylor

This moving article just appeared in the New York Times about Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite gay bar in West Los Angeles, The Abbey. She will be missed!

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VIDEO: Lola von Miramar and Freddie Mercado

The ever glamorous Lola von Miramar and her lady in waiting Freddie Mercado perform Lola’s poem “Carne trémula y palpitante” (Quivering, Throbbing Flesh) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Valentine’s Day 2011. The poem reads […]

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VIDEOS: Rita Moreno is a DIVA!!!!

El Vocero newspaper in Puerto Rico ran an article today about legendary actress and entertainer Rita Moreno, who received an award from the Hispanic Association of Latino Actors (HOLA)  in New York City. Friends have […]

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Gigi Fernández is a Lesbian Mom!!!

Olympic gold-winning Puerto Rican former professional tennis player Gigi Fernández is a lesbian mom! She is the partner of professional golf player Jane Geddes. Read article in The New York Times here! (Article in Spanish […]

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REVIEW: Miss Coco Peru’s Star Shines Bright in the Midwest

Coco Peru is one angry, bitter queen: angry at the legacy of anti-gay, anti-sissy-boy discrimination and intolerance, bitter about political correctness, political stupidity, and general human foibles. But she swallows that bitter pill (and spills […]

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VIDEO: Lola lee ”Uñas pintadas de azul”

The ever amusing Lola von Miramar reads from Larry La Fountain’s short story “Uñas pintadas de azul” (Blue Fingernails). (In other words, my story!)  She’s such a delight. Learn Spanish with Lola! (Video in Spanish)

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VIDEO: Ricky Martin, Elena Kagan and 50 Cent Are Gay?

Video blogger Davis Fleetwood chimes in on Rufus Wainwright, Ricky Martin, 50 Cent and Elena Kagan! What a trip…

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Patacones Are Delicious!

Lola von Miramar‘s dear friends Max and Beto enjoy delicious patacones (aka tostones or fried green plantains) in Guayaquil, Ecuador, inspired by the Feast of Fun video Behind the Scenes on “How to Make Tostones”!!!  […]

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