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FOF #2218 – Matteo Lane Gets a Merit Badge in Comedy

We’re thrilled to see our friend comedian Matteo Lane all over the TV set, from his appearances on Comedy Central and MTV, Matteo is making a big splash on the little screen.

Today, Matteo joins us to talk about Kim Davis, the Republican Presidential debates and Ahmed the little clock builder from Texas.

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FOF #2051 – Matteo Lane’s Sex Life

It’s hard to date men when you’re an openly gay comedian who talks about his sex life as part of his act.

Comedian Matteo Lane is having a rough time dating guys because they worry he’s not only going to kiss and tell, but that he’ll be putting their dick size on blast.

Today Matteo Lane joins us to talk about this hot guy he’s been wanting to get lucky with but who doesn’t seem to want to put out.

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FOF #1897 – Million Dollar Body Parts

Everyone knows insurance is a huge racket. You pay money over the years and then they use any excuse to weasel out on your claim. Celebrities have more disposable cash than common sense, so some have insured their asses to protect their assets.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to pick through the random body parts celebrities get insured for millions and billions of dollars.

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FOF #1843 – Hop Aboard Matteo Lane’s Bait Bus

Sometimes when we have a sexy gay guy on the show, he nervously brings a friend along to keep us from hitting on him. Nice try Matteo, it never works.

Today the hilarious, Matteo Lane joins us with his hunky, muscular friend Evan Williams to talk about their rising careers as comedians in New York City or maybe Matteo brought Evan along because he thinks this podcast is some kind bait bus.

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FOF #1750 – Matteo Lane Hates the Way He Looks

It’s hard to believe, but even some of the most attractive people hate having their picture taken. And in this digital age, everyone is taking photos of everybody all the time, making us feel like cover girls with pimples on our faces.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to talk about looking marvelous and taking photos that don’t suck.

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FOF #1705 – Bootylicious

Comedian Matteo Lane discovered one of the side benefits of living in a six story walk up apartment is that his butt has gotten a whole lot more bootylicious.

Today, Matteo Lane is back in Chicago in our home studio to talk about surviving Hurricane Sandy, hooking up in the Big Apple and why he only recently discovered the Golden Girls.

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FOF #1645 – Start Spreading the News

We say bon voyage to Matteo Lane, as he’s moving to New York City for his job, but what he’s really excited about is working the comedy scene in the Big Apple, and the men.

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FOF #1631 – Heavenly Bodies

Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA mission controller has everyone’s hearts a flutter might just make a great boyfriend for todays’ guest the equally handsome and charming comedian Matteo Lane.

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