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Back to Our Roots

Feast of Fun first began in 2005, when there were only about 50 podcasts in the world and most of them were people doing Sex and the City epsiode recaps.

16 years and 3001 shows later, there are millions of podcasts participating in the great conversation of life, love and viral memes.

Today our good friend Kerthy Fix is interviewing the best guests in the world: us! Kerthy is best known as the on-camera producer Kerthy from the MTV series Teen Mom and for creating documentary films that examine the creative lives of LGBTQ musicians.

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FOF #2860 – Helping Others in the Time of ‘Rona

With The Rona turning our world upside down, a lot of folks are seeking help or offering to help others so now’s the time to give with kindness and receive with gratitude.

Today, documentary film director and reality TV producer Kerthy Fix, best known on television as the “Granola Lady” from MTV’s Teen Mom and to our long term listeners as the “9/11 Lady” joins us to talk about the challenges we face in the coronavirus pandemic and strategies to help each other survive these difficult times.

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FOF #2218 – Matteo Lane Gets a Merit Badge in Comedy

We’re thrilled to see our friend comedian Matteo Lane all over the TV set, from his appearances on Comedy Central and MTV, Matteo is making a big splash on the little screen.

Today, Matteo joins us to talk about Kim Davis, the Republican Presidential debates and Ahmed the little clock builder from Texas.

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FOF #2211 – Miley Cyrus and 30 Drag Queens as Monsters at the VMAs

Even though MTV doesn’t actually show any music videos anymore, the MTV’s Video Music Awards keeps coming back every year and this year, host Miley Cyrus saved the lackluster show by dancing with 30 drag queens dressed up as monsters.

Joining us is Reddit’s Lip Sync for Your Life reigning champion, the she-liarious and she-lovely Joan Waters.

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FOF #1889 – Homecoming Queen’s Got a Musical

When Julie Brown’s song “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” first came out, it seemed ridiculous for a teenager to bring a gun to school to kill everyone.

Boy have times changed. Julie Brown’s hit song is being turned into a full musical now running in L.A. with Drew Droege as Debbie the murderous homecoming queen and Marsian Dellis as Nancy Reagan.

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VIDEO: Live Stream of MTV Dance Marathon Benefitting LGBT Organizations

MTV is hosting a Guinness World Record attempt for longest dance group marathon to promote inclusivity and raise money for a bunch of LGBT organizations. The list the dances they dances they are doing so […]

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MTV Creates Pop Culture Cliff Notes for Lady Gaga’s “Judas”

We all know Lady Gaga loves to reference art in her work. Here’s just three of the many pop culture references in Lady Gaga’s video for “Judas” created by MTV.

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Penis Sculpture Gives Small Town Blue Balls

Local residents of Truckee, CA, got a bit more than they bargained for when they allowed an MTV film crew to erect an eight-foot tall ice sculpture in the shape of a penis. Town officials […]

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Ask Fitness Expert Scott Herman Anything

Talking to the very handsome Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn. Scott got into the last season of the show under the encouragement by one of his clients. “Brooklyn” got a lot of GLBT […]

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